the beauty in branches.

it was a cooler day in the city.

i love taking a walk on a chilly day in the city. as i walked about i was struck by all of the beautiful branches and leaves in my view. today was about reflecting on all the great things i have in my life that i often overlook… the beauty in nature, love, and of course, exploring style.

i spent this sunday afternoon with my husband and dear friends. we had brunch at straw in hayes valley and then took an afternoon walk through the mission. it was a lovely sunday.

casual clothes for a casual sunday.

i swear stripes are my closet’s best friend, or at least you would think they were considering the array of stripes to be found in there. i love stripes, especially black and white stripes (which i have the toughest time finding, believe it or not). booties are another weakness of mine, my dear friend anne gifted me with the booties from old navy. we both own a pair, which requires coordination- aka outfit check-ins before we go out so we don’t wear them at the same time. we get so many compliments on them. pick up a pair!

bag:jcrew top:f21 booties:old navy sunglasses:ray ban

cardigan:jcrew infinity scarf:gap  jeans:seven for all mankind


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