dress temptations.

today my dear friends erika and anne came over to hangout. of course we talked about blogging (our new obsession) and our latest shopping escapades over cocktails. we sat in my living room and enjoyed the cocktail of champions: ketel and soda with three limes. then we decided to walk around the mission and grab some lunch at rosa munde. they have the best vegan sausages ever as well as an awesome beer selection. i tried the chicory stout which was so chocolatey and fragrant- a must try. but before heading over to have lunch we stopped at mira mira. they had the prettiest dress printed with suns, moons, and stars. it was love at first sight. i showed restraint and walked away without the dress. although temptation still lurks just around the corner since mira mira is a stone’s throw away from my apartment. we will see whether or not i can live without it. i’m still thinking it should be mine and if i’m overcome by dress temptation, you will surely see it. they have so many cute dresses at mira mira, but i’m trying desperately to shop in my own closet instead of going into the stores. however, a pretty dress is always tempting, isn’t it?

dress and chiffon blouse:f21 photos by erika


flawless friends: anne is wearing the top i got for her from anthropologie with a scarf her friend brought back from india. the color really complements her skin and eyes. is it just me or does her skin look flawless? gorgeous. i love anne. she is hilarious and has the most extensive lexicon out of anyone i know. oh, and check out erika’s bag from jcrew… love it!

mira mira and the pretty pretty collective are only two blocks from my apartment, so we shall see how much restraint i have as the week continues… i’m really going to try to reward my wallet, not my closet.


erika looks so lovely in her rust colored blouse from madewell. she is so tall and statuesque, not to mention smart and beautiful. clothes fit her so well. i love going through her closet and picking out outfits for her to try on. she’s my model.

check out her blog teachershavelivestoo.com

rosa munde was delish as usual. today was remarkably warm considering it is late-december so it was the perfect day for some beers and a walk around the neighborhood. i feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends and to live in such a vibrant city.

now i’m left to contemplate the dress… oh, the sweet (or evil) temptation.


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