brian’s new do.

brian got a haircut and i did it for him! naturally i was complaining the entire time, as i always do when i cut his hair. i feel so much pressure! you are probably thinking, “why doesn’t he just go get his haircut professionally?” well, he refuses… errr. in the process, he always assures me that he doesn’t care how it turns out, which i cannot believe! he’s telling the truth- i just don’t get it. i always respond with, “well, i care!” i don’t want to butcher his hair and then have our friends look at him, like “daaamn, what did she do?!” anyway, i have been trying to convince him to try something new and he finally concurred. it came out quite nicely if i do say so myself. in typical brian fashion, he acts like he doesn’t want to have a “hair style” because that means he will have to give his hair some attention… but i know he secretly loves it. in the end, i learned that i need to stop complaining. he is such a wonderful guy and he does so much for me, including his new occupation as blog photographer extraordinaire. so the least i can do is cut his darn hair without complaining!

here’s his new do…

shirt: american apparel   cardigan: urbn (similar here and here)   jeans: levis/thrifted   beat to hell, vegan-friendly canvas shoes (he told me i had to post his shoes since i always post mine. i said “those beat up things”… his response: “YES!”)


i really love the way brian dresses- he has great personal style. so while we were at anne’s new condo i wanted to take some pictures of him. anne looked at our outfits and said, “you look like the perfect hipster couple.” i think both brian and i just about had a heart attack! okay, perhaps i’m being a little dramatic. it’s funny… i have to admit our reaction reminds me of the t-shirt that says, “i’m not a hipster, i just dress like one.” when i gasped at her comment, anne said, “it isn’t a bad thing.” what do you think? i guess there aren’t many self-proclaimed hipsters. i certainly don’t consider us to be, but perhaps in some respects the saying on that t-shirt speaks for itself.

we were at anne’s having a cocktail before heading to dinner at a place called hola! in burlingame for our friend jen’s b-day.

this is what i wore…


thigh highs:american apparel   dress: f21  shoes: american apparel (similar here)  jacket: old navy   scarf:jcrew  watch: michael kors


i would describe my outfit as a combination of preppy ballerina and ice skating queen! one thing i will say is that the thigh highs were so warm and cozy because of the thick, sweater-like material. i will definitely be investing in more. if you love thigh highs, pick up a similar pair here!

i couldn’t resist…


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