retro inspiration.

i love this harper’s editorial featuring bette franke. i am sort of obsessed with her at the moment. the photo shoot was set in palm springs which is another place i have been fascinated with lately. i’ve always admired the mid-century, ultra modern architecture and the abundance of palm trees. there is actually a tour coming up called modernism week which features all of the sleek, modern homes of palm springs. the funny thing is, i grew up in southern california and hardly ever went to palm springs, but now i cannot stop thinking about laying poolside with brian and my dearest friends. all the while feeling the warmth of the sun kiss my skin (with the protection of spf 150++ because i’m as white as snow!). this editorial evokes a retro feel and is also a reminder of home- so i gravitated to it right away.

now for the fashion: i love the tailored pieces, high-waisted skirts, and i absolutely adore the black lipstick! the combination of orange, green, black, and cream work together so luxuriously and are perfectly retro. and oh my god, the shoes… each pair are to die for! i love the fashion fantasy that editorials bring. enjoy!

all images from fashion gone rogue


4 thoughts on “retro inspiration.

  1. I secretly read your blog when you post on fb. This one especially caught my eye. I thought you would be interested to know this was shot in jeremy’s aunts front yard and around her culdesac (sp?). I love the palm springs vibe more and more everytime we visit. We try to visit often.

    • that’s awesome! i love those homes. i really want to go to palm springs and take some photos. i’m gonna have to make that happen soon. i hope all is well! tell jeremy hello. 🙂

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