glass candy.

hello and welcome to my friday night photo diary!

we finally got to go see glass candy and it was so much fun! if you haven’t heard them before, you should check their video out below.

waiting for glass candy to start…

here they go…

after the show i was looking a hot mess from dancing my bootie off the whole time. hence, the face coverage! i even got on stage and had a dance party with ida no and other fans. it was so much fun!!!

check em out! ūüôā

waiting (forever) for a cab. BOO!

why? was my thought exactly… why, oh why was it taking forever and a day to find a cab?! it was freezing!

so what else could i do but start instagramin’ it up?

home at last and ready to drop!

head to toe: sequined shirt: jcrew   cord mini: gap  denim jacket: old navy  shoes: all star  tights:f21

shoes untied and ready for pjs… goodnight!¬†


breakfast at boogaloo’s.

saturday morning we went to breakfast at boogaloo’s. i was starving and happy to see that there wasn’t a huge wait for once! i really love going there for breakfast, but more often than not the wait is out of control. ¬†and let me tell ya, when i’m hungry i’m not down with waiting an hour+ to eat. therefore, it was a real treat to be seated right away! we got lucky this time! ūüôā

the breakfast burrito. in a word: amazing!

vegan polenta with black beans and sautéed veggies.

lemon cornmeal pancakes.

these were so delicious, not overly sweet. perfection!

a compulsive shopper turned window shopper:

right now i’m a window shopper because i made a vow to myself that i wouldn’t shop for clothing, shoes, or accessories for 45 days. it’s painful to say the least! as of today, i only have 23 days left of being an admirer of all things fashion and being prohibited from buying a single article of clothing! these dresses on display at mira mira really caught my eye and made me wish i could,¬†at the very least, go thrifting to find something similar. i always love vintage inspired looks (and true vintage, of course)- they are invariably classic and chic. i also adore the seahorse necklace pictured on the right. i sort of have a thing for seahorses. i own a gold seahorse pendant, but it’s not nearly as big. i love this one!

i hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend! 

retail rehab.

street style basics

denim: f21  shoes: f21  v-neck tee: american apparel  sunglasses: anthro (similar here)  jacket: old navy (similar here) bag: banana republic

my old, haggard flats from f21 that i refuse to stop wearing. they are so comfortable!

it’s been a little over two weeks since my retail rehab began. i’m seriously beginning to question my survival… even as i was adding links to this post i was totally tempted by all the cute things on f21’s site. the reason for the rehab was to a) save money and b) to wear things in my closet and stop feeling the need to buy new clothes all of the time. honestly, at this point i’m already counting down the days. 27 days left. let’s just hope i don’t go on a serious binger come march 22nd!

a note on the green jacket: i love these green jackets. i know everyone and their mama has this jacket or something similar… as they should. i have three different versions (slightly ridiculous perhaps, but they all fit a lil different). i swear they are the gifts that keep on giving. these jackets go with everything! what item of clothing are you obsessed with and can’t live without?

down south.



sunglasses: anthropologie shoes: american apparel

cityscape: downtown riverside.



cupcakes from my sister’s surprise birthday party!

sisterly love: it’s always a treat to see my sister. gosh, i miss her already!


shirt: f21 (purchased before my shopping hiatus) necklace: gifted from brian

boots: lucky brand

i LOVE these sunglasses!

true love.

brian and i are originally from riverside, california. we went down for a brief visit for my sister’s birthday. it was a lot of fun filled with food, family, and photos. the only downside was not being able to see all the people we love and miss. so that only means we will have to go back and visit soon. it was a really nice visit, but it is always nice to get home. we really missed our furry babies and the hustle of sf… it’s good to be home!

have a good week!

last high.

yesterday i was frantic while making my final purchases because today marks the first day of my 45 day anti-shopping adventure (no clothes, accessories, or make-up). i went shopping downtown looking for some basics to carry me through and of course, i made one final online purchase. brian told me that 30 days was nothing and that it should be 45 days instead. i reluctantly accepted the challenge- brian has absolutely zero faith in me. i’m telling myself this won’t be all that tough and that my bank account will thank me. but my eye is already starting to twitch… just kidding. wish me luck!

i found these sunglasses at anthropologie. they are the closest i’m going to get to these cutler and gross lovelies. out of all my final finds, these are by far my favorite. well, here we go… day one.


on saturdays brian and i usually go on a lunch date and take a walk about the neighborhood looking at various shops. this time we went to chaya, a vegan japanese food place in the mission. i love the place, but it’s not brian’s fave that’s for sure. sheesh… it’s so hard to please that vegan. to be fair, brian is not the hugest fan of japanese food in general- but i thought i could sell him on vegan japanese for sure. we’ve been there many times and he is never quite as excited as i am. suffice to say that this saturday lunch spot was my pick. i love japanese food and chaya is always a fresh, healthy pick. so i say go to chaya… yum!

after we finished lunch we headed over to paxton gate… i love this store- taxidermic animals, crystals, knick-knacks and all. they also have a pretty patio garden- it makes me wish we could have one!

garden love at paxton gate

my greens…

have a great weekend! 

coral and gold: a love affair

sunday i met some friends for brunch at stacks in hayes valley (note: they have the best wheatgerm blueberry pancakes ever!). i was really excited to wear my new coral pants and carry my new gold clutch- purchased on super sale. this outfit was all about my love affair with pairing coral and gold. i love the combination! ever since i started this blog, i have developed a love for all things glittery- especially bags and shoes. i really wanted some glittered loafers, but they were way too expensive. so i was super ecstatic about finding the clutch (additional 30% off of the sale price). that is one thing to know about me, i rarely pay full price for clothes and accessories. although most of what i buy is on sale, i still think my shopping habit may be getting a little out of control… which leads me to my next point.

i’ve been thinking about axing my shopping habit altogether… well, for a little while anyway. i’m thinking about putting myself to the ultimate anti-shopping test (okay- ultimate may be a lil dramatic): a 30 day challenge in which i cannot purchase any articles of clothing or accessories. two months would be even better, but i’m not going to get too crazy especially since i’m still in the consideration stage. the question is, am i really prepared for the challenge? i’m not quite sure i’m there yet. brian said no one would ever know if i didn’t make it and i responded with, “i have more integrity than that!” we had this conversation a couple of weeks ago and i’m still noncommittal even though it was my idea. perchance i’m an addict and need to sign up for shopaholics anonymous! what do you think? can i make it?

clutch: jcrew shoes: sam edelman (on super sale  here) denim: zara chiffon blouse:f21

watch: michael kors (gifted) sunnies: ray ban