on saturdays brian and i usually go on a lunch date and take a walk about the neighborhood looking at various shops. this time we went to chaya, a vegan japanese food place in the mission. i love the place, but it’s not brian’s fave that’s for sure. sheesh… it’s so hard to please that vegan. to be fair, brian is not the hugest fan of japanese food in general- but i thought i could sell him on vegan japanese for sure. we’ve been there many times and he is never quite as excited as i am. suffice to say that this saturday lunch spot was my pick. i love japanese food and chaya is always a fresh, healthy pick. so i say go to chaya… yum!

after we finished lunch we headed over to paxton gate… i love this store- taxidermic animals, crystals, knick-knacks and all. they also have a pretty patio garden- it makes me wish we could have one!

garden love at paxton gate

my greens…

have a great weekend! 


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