retail rehab.

street style basics

denim: f21  shoes: f21  v-neck tee: american apparel  sunglasses: anthro (similar here)  jacket: old navy (similar here) bag: banana republic

my old, haggard flats from f21 that i refuse to stop wearing. they are so comfortable!

it’s been a little over two weeks since my retail rehab began. i’m seriously beginning to question my survival… even as i was adding links to this post i was totally tempted by all the cute things on f21’s site. the reason for the rehab was to a) save money and b) to wear things in my closet and stop feeling the need to buy new clothes all of the time. honestly, at this point i’m already counting down the days. 27 days left. let’s just hope i don’t go on a serious binger come march 22nd!

a note on the green jacket: i love these green jackets. i know everyone and their mama has this jacket or something similar… as they should. i have three different versions (slightly ridiculous perhaps, but they all fit a lil different). i swear they are the gifts that keep on giving. these jackets go with everything! what item of clothing are you obsessed with and can’t live without?


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