breakfast at boogaloo’s.

saturday morning we went to breakfast at boogaloo’s. i was starving and happy to see that there wasn’t a huge wait for once! i really love going there for breakfast, but more often than not the wait is out of control.  and let me tell ya, when i’m hungry i’m not down with waiting an hour+ to eat. therefore, it was a real treat to be seated right away! we got lucky this time! 🙂

the breakfast burrito. in a word: amazing!

vegan polenta with black beans and sautéed veggies.

lemon cornmeal pancakes.

these were so delicious, not overly sweet. perfection!

a compulsive shopper turned window shopper:

right now i’m a window shopper because i made a vow to myself that i wouldn’t shop for clothing, shoes, or accessories for 45 days. it’s painful to say the least! as of today, i only have 23 days left of being an admirer of all things fashion and being prohibited from buying a single article of clothing! these dresses on display at mira mira really caught my eye and made me wish i could, at the very least, go thrifting to find something similar. i always love vintage inspired looks (and true vintage, of course)- they are invariably classic and chic. i also adore the seahorse necklace pictured on the right. i sort of have a thing for seahorses. i own a gold seahorse pendant, but it’s not nearly as big. i love this one!

i hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend! 


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