glass candy.

hello and welcome to my friday night photo diary!

we finally got to go see glass candy and it was so much fun! if you haven’t heard them before, you should check their video out below.

waiting for glass candy to start…

here they go…

after the show i was looking a hot mess from dancing my bootie off the whole time. hence, the face coverage! i even got on stage and had a dance party with ida no and other fans. it was so much fun!!!

check em out! ūüôā

waiting (forever) for a cab. BOO!

why? was my thought exactly… why, oh why was it taking forever and a day to find a cab?! it was freezing!

so what else could i do but start instagramin’ it up?

home at last and ready to drop!

head to toe: sequined shirt: jcrew   cord mini: gap  denim jacket: old navy  shoes: all star  tights:f21

shoes untied and ready for pjs… goodnight!¬†


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