20 days to freedom!

sweater: vintage (a gift from chime)  denim: levi’s  jacket: old navy  booties: lucky brand  belt/bracelet: jcrew (similar belt on sale here)  earrings: nordstrom  watch: micheal kors  sunglasses: anthropologie

not to toot my own horn, but i’m happy to say that i have made it over half way through my challenge without buying any clothing, not even a pair of socks! the challenge was 45 days without buying clothes, accessories, shoes, or make-up. i have to say i’m taking more from this experience than i originally anticipated. i’m saving some money, realizing that i don’t need to buy new clothes all of the time, and that yes, my shopping habit was getting out of control. i have read many bloggers discuss how their blog led to shopping with the thought, “this would be great for the blog” in mind. i found myself doing the exact same thing! i’ll admit i almost fell off the anti-shopping wagon this week- but i overcame the impulse and felt stronger as a result. upon finishing this challenge, my goal is to go on a serious budget and use this blog to share all of the bargains i find.

p.s. i haven’t had as many outfit posts lately because there was a bit of a camera snafu- it wasn’t the camera’s fault, but mine. oh how i love you, nikon p7000 and don’t you forget it! the issue has been resolved and i’m so happy to be back in outfit post action!

 i hope you had a wonderful week and that your weekend is even better!

wish me luck in the final stretch!

-aimee lynn.


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