the friendly four.

hello all! i hope you are having a fantastic week. mine has been really hectic to say the least and it’s only wednesday! i wanted to give an update on my challenge. with only twelve days left, it looks like i’m going to make it through successfully and live to tell about it. i haven’t even gone thrifting, albeit the temptation was there. last night after my run, i went into the salvation army on valenica just to peruse the selection. i found the cutest flats, but i slowly walked away even though they were the price of a latte. at this point, it’s the sheer principle of making it through and showing myself that i can do anything i put my mind to (and also to tell brian, “i told you i could do it! neaner. neaner!” just kidding, well sort of). this experience has really made me realize that i often just shop to shop. now i think about things i really desire even if they mean saving awhile. therefore, i have decided that i will hold off on mindless, compulsive shopping to save for the occasional splurges. like, hmmm i don’t know, perhaps a vintage chanel?! maybe brian will surprise me with one for our nine year anniversary in october. once again, a girl can dream. gosh i hope brian reads this! now that there’s only about two weeks left i’m already looking at some secondhand goodies on ebay and some basic “necessities” for spring/summer (ahem, some karen walker’s that i’m hoping to find secondhand for a fraction of the price, something i would have never considered before AND the denim circle skirt from american apparel). sunglasses and a denim skirt are spring/summer essentials, right?

anyway, back to living through this challenging experience of going 45 long days without shopping. it has been a rough 45 days. there’s no patch for making it through the early withdrawals.  my friend, erika (check out her ultra-stylish and witty blog), mentioned that it only takes 21 days to break a habit. so i wonder- since i will have doubled that amount of time when this is over, will i be doubly successful in kicking my excessive shopping habit for good? i sure hope so. in an effort to make sure the habit doesn’t take control of me again i’ve created some ground rules for shopping.

here are the four wallet and closet friendly questions i will keep in mind when i hit the stores:

1. love it or leave it? i almost always (oxymoronic i know) walked into a store and thought, “am i in love with it?” and if not, i would leave it. but have you ever had those moments of desperation when you just need something new for a dinner, a concert, a date, so you say the heck with it and buy something you know will be collecting dust after the first and last time it’s been worn? i have and my new rule is to just say no, unless it’s love and i will be sticking to that mode of operation from here on out. so what happens if i love it all? i will simply have to abandon those loves to do my wallet a favor. it’s “amazing” how one’s bank account  swells after giving up shopping for 45 days. so i need to keep our savings account in mind as well.

2. is this a bad case of ol’ faithful? i’m so guilty of buying replications of things i already own. brian always says, “don’t you have something exactly like that already?” most of the time i do! i don’t need four or five variations of the same thing (cardigans don’t count! hehe). this is when i need to save the money in my splurge bank.

3. wallet or closet? let’s face facts here, i have many articles of clothing, as i’m sure most of you do, that remain untouched- regardless of whether i love them or hate them (some days i seem to hate it all). but nonetheless, i head out to stores and buy-buy-buy! with this challenge that habit has come to a crashing halt. i hope i can continue to avert this problem in the future and prioritize my wallet over my closet. it’s easier said than done- trust me on that! being on a major budget will force me to prioritize what i really want and what should be left on the racks.

4. will the piece stand the test of time? i have always been pretty good about dressing for myself and not trying to keep up with all the trends. i guess i finally figured out what works for me and what doesn’t. with that said, some trends are worth jumping onto- case and point: MINT! CORAL! LACE! but i would argue these are classics. classically trendy will be the motto! i’m going for pieces that will go the distance.

with all questions considered, here are some karen walker’s i’ve been lusting after. i love em and don’t have any like em.  in this case, sunglasses are going to win over my wallet. i know they will withstand the test of time! they are gorgeous! 

but i need your help! what do you think, one, two, or six?


decisions, decisions!

clearly habits are hard to break considering i’m not even finished and i’m already deciding on sunglasses. i think i vote number six. what do you think?!

p.s. i feel like i’ve neglected outfit posting this week. i’ve been so busy at work (SIGH for me!). not to mention, it’s been pouring rain… excuses, excuses.  i will be sure to get some outfit posts up in the next day or two.


blogging with love,

aimee lynn.


3 thoughts on “the friendly four.

  1. definitely two!!! i love the purple tint and the lighter yellow tortoise.
    I’ll be remembering your shopping mantras next time i’m out shopping. wallet or closet for sure!

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