instagram friday.

a foggy mission view.

ferry building treats.

delica: miso/carrot ginger soup, shrimp/crab roll, wasabi potato salad, and hijiki salad (vegan).

just me and a cupcake.

dear italian meringue cupcake,

you are one of the cutest and tastiest cupcakes i have ever encountered. thanks for making my day a delicious delight!

with love,

a. lynn

the blue bottle coffees and miss meringue take their photo op before being guzzled and devoured.

i can’t wait to get more goodies from miette!

up next? a couple of cosmos at cosmopolitan.

lovely anne.

(check out her featured outfit posts here and here)

it was a wonderful girl’s day out! now i’m just waiting until this friday afternoon when my much needed vacay officially begins. i’m thinking a trip to napa will be in order. i’m so ready! food, wine tasting, sunning, outlets and, of course outfits! ahhh, i can’t wait!

have a lovely evening!


-aimee lynn.


2 thoughts on “instagram friday.

  1. thanks so much for that wonderful complement! that sincerely makes my day. i need to get out there with my “real” camera more often. i’m always so glad to see your outfit posts and daily picks… keep ’em coming, girlie-girl! love your blog too!! xo.

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