simple things.

honestly yesterday was a poopy day. actually, it’s kinda been a poopy week (i won’t go into all the gory details). suffice to say, it’s been one of those weeks.  i really needed to wind down and take this roller coaster ride called life a little less seriously. so brian and i walked out to the parking lot and messed around with the camera for a bit. we were laughing and of course, he was making fun of me for being the big dork that i am. i felt so much better after that. sometimes i need to slow down and take stock in the simple things, and be thankful for all the great things in my life: my husband, family, friends, and my furry babies, all of whom i love dearly. ❤

skirt: f21 (similar hereONLY 5 bucks!!! p.s. it has pockets too!) t shirt: american apparel  leggings: h&m  scarf: target  boots: franco sarto  sunglasses: ray ban

now to revel in acting a fool. laughter makes everything better. it’s as simple as that. toddles!


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