the girl & the fig.

the girl & the fig is hands down one of the best restaurants i have ever been to. now i cannot claim to be a foodie, all i can say is that i love food and this was one of the best meals i’ve had in my life! anne and i started out this lovely dining experience with the heirloom radish salad. the server knew the name of every variety of radish on the plate, but of course in a matter of seconds i forgot them all. they were locally grown and organic- that’s about all i can remember except for how much we enjoyed them.  they were so fresh and magnificently crunchy. that heirloom radish salad was awesome! then, we shared the pan-seared scallops and the flounder. seriously, words cannot describe how sinfully delicious these dishes were. anne and i debated the entire time over which dish we liked better. she said the flounder, but i’m not quite sure i can decide. i will say, however, that they were the perfect complement to one another. the flounder was flaky and buttery with the perfect amount of savory salt from the capers. the flounder was laid over a bed of mashed potatoes and greens which were a wonderful balance with the sweet apples that relished the pan-seared scallop dish. now for the chocolate caramel tart, it was a chocolate caramel tart of perfection next to homemade salted caramel ice cream. this dessert was to die for… i’m salivating just thinking about it. if you are ever in sonoma, you must try the girl & the fig. the end!


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