classy gal.

tunic: from a boutique in denver  leggings: gap  booties: lucky brand  clutch/starburst earrings: jcrew  headband: banana republic

anne says hello everyone! these are some photos i took of her in sonoma square. gosh, i wish we could have gotten more outfit shots in. trust me, i certainly brought the outfits for it but the combination of the weather and my laziness prevented it. anyway, i love to feature anne because she has great personal style. she knows what works for her and she carries her outfits so well. also, she has gotten used to my bugging her about letting me take outfit shots- something she was not too fond of initially. she was like, “enough already!” but she’s been a good sport! now i’m trying to convince her to start a blog of her own. she is such a strong writer with many stories to tell and she has great personal style- all of which will lead to a fantastic blog. anne’s a classy gal with classic style, that’s for sure. i love her starburst earrings paired with that beautiful leopard clutch- not to mention the grey tunic adorned with pretty little buttons. she really should start her own blog, am i right?

p.s. i can’t wait to feature my stylish friends chime and david! if you two see this, i’m coming to get you!


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