navy baby.

sweater: jcrew (similar here dress: f21  shoes: seychelles  frog pin: jcrew  watch: michael kors  bangles/cuff: thrifted  clutch: vintage  sunglasses: ray ban

lately i’m all about the navy, baby! i just can’t seem to get enough of it. shorts, sweaters, dresses, tights- you name it! i can’t get over little pins either, like my froggy for example. i do realize it’s spring and i should be wearing floral prints and pastels but that just hasn’t happened for me yet. i’m too in love with layering cable knits over collared dresses- i adore the timeless look. i feel like i’m doing this all the time but it’s actually beneficial here in sf (that and a pair of tights on hand in my bag) since the weather is often quite chilly. like i have said time and time again, in san francisco one must always be prepared for that cool and sometimes icy ocean breeze that creeps up really fast even on the warmest of days. i swear we have one, maybe two magical nights a year when one can wear skirts and tanks at night comfortably and that’s about it!

as for my current style obsessions, i suppose they’re a little granny-esque mixed with some prep, but i’m okay with it! next on my list is to try something pastel. that will be a bold move for me. we shall see how that goes.

tata for now, lovelies!

till next time,

aimee lynn.


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