gracias madre.

this is the mural patio diners get to enjoy.

spicy ginger mint tea. i loved it!


platillo de legumbres.

on saturday we went  to gracias madre for lunch- an organic vegan mexican restaurant in the mission. i love that all of their food is fresh and organic. sometimes i’m not the biggest fan of vegan places because they infuse fake meats into every dish. gracias madre does the exact opposite using all whole ingredients such as organic kale, mushrooms, butternut squash, brown rice, and fresh refried black beans. i absolutely love their spicy greens! i get them every time we go. must tries? the butternut squash quesadilla (no soy cheese here- only blended cashews (so good!), fresh tortillas, and creamy butternut squash!), platillo de legumbres (choose your favorite sides), and the gorditas! i think it’s all pretty darn good including the organic margaritas. mmm!

have a fab weekend!


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