the story behind the frog:

i have always been a fan of pins. lately i’ve gone from a pin fan to full-fledged pin stalker, especially after i found this frog pin at the jcrew factory store in napa. i was digging through a canister of sale accessories and found it for 3 dollars! i adore it. now i’m always on the hunt for adorable pins.

actually the day i wore this outfit we went thrifting and i picked up three vintage pins. i’m currently mad about pins and on the lookout for a turtle to add to the collection. 🙂

sweater/froggy pin: jcrew factory  dress: forever 21 (only 10.80 and super cozy/versatile) bag: gap shoes: steve madden pembrook  sunglasses: anthropologie

so many of my friends and my husband alike are openly opposed to the sunglasses i’m wearing in this post. brian can’t stand them! he always says, “they make your eyes look too close together.” no matter how many times i try to sell them, he’s just not having them. amy said “i think you’ve got guts wearing those.” and anne said “they’re not my favorite. that’s for sure.” but i have to say i still love them to pieces! so despite all comments to the contrary, i think these sunglasses are lovely. they’re keepers, even if my eyes look too close together!


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