dear orange.

striped tank: vintage ($2 street sale find)

denim shirt: jones new york (thrifted) 

booties: steve madden pembrook (half off here)

necklace: minxy boutique sf

denim: levi’s

sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer

pearls: gifted

i really like the combination of black and white stripes with this orange necklace (previously posted here). but then again, i guess i’ve always been a fan of orange in general… and stripes for that matter. i think black and white stripes look so parisian- or perhaps i like walking around looking like a mime. whatever the case, i’m so glad i found this striped tank (that i’m wearing far too often) for two bucks and my new necklace for fifteen. i’m loving the deals!

now back to my dear orange whom i adore so much. it seems like it’s everywhere this season. yay for all of us die-hard orange lovers. i don’t know about you, but i want to scoop it all up!


the dandy warhols.

last thursday night amy and i went to see the dandy warhols at the fillmore. they were so awesome! they played a really long set and had great stage presence. i love listening to them and trying to figure out their musical influences. i like to think some influences include pulp, sonic youth, david bowie, and blur. but what the heck do i know?

this was the first time i had ever been to the fillmore. i really liked the venue and enjoyed looking at all the old, original photographs of musicians who have played there in the past. naturally, i gravitated to the photo of courtney love from 1994 when hole played the fillmore while touring the live through this album (still one of my favorites). i would have LOVED to have been in the audience for that show. i’m sure there were plastic doll parts and baby doll dresses galore. anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that i was straight up obsessed with hole and i mean obsessed. i did see them three times, but not in 1994 when live through this first emerged (mom said i was too young). to make up for it i often watch live performances on youtube.

performing asking for it (chicago 1994).

bankrupt on selling.

last weekend amy and i had a street sale off of valenica. we made a little bit of cash and met many characters. we will be doing it again soon. hopefully, we will make even more cash next time. i’ve got a bike fund to contribute to!

my new favorite: maqui berry mint!

after spending saturday selling our goods we decided we deserved a cocktail or two! so we headed to the lexington which was only a block away from where our street sale was stationed. 

now for day two. i look like such a sourpuss in this photo. i was super hungry and ready for lunch.

my love…

our lunch! rhea’s deli veggie bbq chicken sandwich. we really wanted to try the tuna with capers but it was sold out gosh darn it. this one was really good too.

the necklace.

i love my new necklace! last weekend we were out and about for sunday streets when i stumbled upon a cool little shop called minxy boutique. i picked up this awesome necklace there and i’m so enamored with it! they had really cute necklaces at really reasonable prices. my little lovely was only fifteen dollars! it’s definitely worth checking out!

minxy boutique @ 3043 24th st.


the causita and the don carlito. some of the yummiest cocktails ever! esalada mixta. ceviche mixto.lomito saltado and sweet potato fries. truffle mac and cheese.

so after amy and i had what i can only describe as some crazy twilight zone like experience at a dress shop in soma we walked back to the mission to grab some lunch and a cocktail. and oh how we needed one after our dealings with a seamstress named helga. anyway, we decided on limon. if you’re familiar with this restaurant you know there’s always an atrocious wait. and like i’ve mentioned a time or two before, when i’m hungry i don’t mess around. i simply cannot do waiting an hour+ to be seated. luckily, we got there at the perfect time and there wasn’t a wait! let me tell you, the food and cocktails were BOMB! and i mean BOMB! i will be going back very soon. it was deeelicious!

rompin’ around.

romper: f21 (circa 2006)

shoes: $3 street sale find

straw hat: jcrew factory (similar here)

sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer

i’ve always been a fan of rompers. when it comes to rompers i think people either love ’em or hate ’em. personally, i love them. i bought this one years ago for under ten bucks. i still remember the first time i wore the little cutie. it was debuted at one of the many backyard bbqs we used to host at our old house in riverside.  oh the nostalgia! now i’m thinking about all the bbqs, bonfires, playing music with brian and friends in the garage (which brian is trying to convince me to do again), and blasting the lonesome crowded west (one of my all time favorite albums). i will never forget the crazy late night dance parties we had in the front yard either which often garnered stares from the neighbors. they probably thought we were all looney. so not only does this romper bring back welcomed memories of days past, but it also screams summer. it was the perfect choice for hanging out at the park and making new memories on a sizzling sunday!

i love this photo of amy!

my love! he’s the best husband a gal could ask for. ❤


chime has been one of my best gals for about ten years now. the first time i met chime i told her she could be a model. i’m still holding to that sentiment. she’s simply gorgeous… and hilarious! so i just had to steal these beautiful photos from her blog hard-boiled wonderland.

i really miss her and zuhair (her awesome boyfriend). so i’m going to visit them this summer. we’re all going to joshua tree together. i can’t wait!

i absolutely love her style.

polka polka.

 dress: f21

sweater: jcrew factory

sandals: jcrew

pin: vintage  

bag: banana republic

sunglasses: ray ban

good morning! just a quick hello and then i’m off to work. all this gorgeous weather we’ve been having really has me wishing i had the day… or week off. i love when we have hot weather here in sf and it seems like the entire city feels the same. when it’s hot the streets and parks are packed with san franciscans relishing in the warmth. for me it was a weekend full of walking the neighborhood, lunching, and enjoying the sun with friends at the park. i’m looking forward to more of this sunny weather! aren’t you?!

p.s. i’ve developed a slight obsession with two things: polka dots and anything orange.