the dandy warhols.

last thursday night amy and i went to see the dandy warhols at the fillmore. they were so awesome! they played a really long set and had great stage presence. i love listening to them and trying to figure out their musical influences. i like to think some influences include pulp, sonic youth, david bowie, and blur. but what the heck do i know?

this was the first time i had ever been to the fillmore. i really liked the venue and enjoyed looking at all the old, original photographs of musicians who have played there in the past. naturally, i gravitated to the photo of courtney love from 1994 when hole played the fillmore while touring the live through this album (still one of my favorites). i would have LOVED to have been in the audience for that show. i’m sure there were plastic doll parts and baby doll dresses galore. anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that i was straight up obsessed with hole and i mean obsessed. i did see them three times, but not in 1994 when live through this first emerged (mom said i was too young). to make up for it i often watch live performances on youtube.

performing asking for it (chicago 1994).


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