date night at cal academy.

here are some photos from our date night at cal academy. it was such a fun-filled adventure and all for just 12 dollars a ticket. can’t beat that! we got to enjoy the exhibits, a live dissection, and a performance by tim cohen’s magic trick. it was a lovely evening. i can’t wait for our next date night. i’m thinking we need to go see wes anderson’s new film, moonrise kingdom. we’ve only had free movie tickets since christmas, shhhheeeessshhh! it’s like pulling teeth getting brian to go to the movies, but i’m gonna make it happen!


in the park.

dress: forever 21

sweater: jcrew

booties: steve madden (on sale here)

bag: vintage coach

tights: forever 21

golden gate park is so beautiful and we just don’t get there often enough, gosh darn it! we were there thursday night for our little date night which was so much fun. brian snapped these photos of my date night outfit as we walked the park and then we headed into the california academy of sciences. we had such a wonderful time together checking out live music, exhibits, and sipping on cocktails. the walk through the park beforehand was pretty awesome too. these photos are a reminder that we really need to go back to golden gate park soon for a picnic and a walk through the botanical gardens.

just can’t get enough.

circle skirt:american apparel

ikat blouse: forever 21

bag: vintage coach

bangles: thrifted

sunglasses: ray ban

shoes: seychelles (on sale here)

i just can’t seem to get enough of this warm weather we’ve been having here in san francisco. the weather was so refreshingly lovely today!  it was one of those glorious days when i was able to walk up to my closet and choose anything i wanted to wear without worrying about what heavy jacket to lug around or what tights to store in my bag for later. and let me tell you, when it’s warm and sunny in sf all the girls get the memo which reads “pull out your summer attire now!”  while i was walking around the city this afternoon i noticed gals were sporting their dresses, shorts, and sandals as far as the eye could see. i know i for one want this warm weather to keep on coming. so bring it on sf, bring it on!

have a wonderful day everyone!

i have to return some video tapes.

here i am lost in lost weekend video. is it just me, or does anyone else get totally overwhelmed inside video stores? i swear i always have a list of movies in my head that i want to see, but when i go into the video store, my mind goes blank and i start picking up movies we already own. so what did i do? i headed to the wes anderson section and realized i wanted to watch bottle rocket. yep, a movie we already own. i saved more than a few bucks i suppose (especially since i’m the queen of late returns!) and then headed home for a ton of laughs watching bottle rocket.

on the list for tonight? american psycho (again).

rice broker and a movie.

what a wonderful time it was having my cousin melanie in the city for a visit. she just graduated from college so i wanted to take her out for a celebratory dinner. we went to rice broker and the food was really good. we ordered the ahi sashimi and braised kale, both dishes were delectable. another plus? the great music they were playing, first radiohead and then portishead (the entire dummy album!).

after dinner we headed to the video store and then to the yogurt shop. it was a relaxing evening which was exactly what we needed. 🙂

p.s. here is one of my favorite portishead songs, although there are many. it was awesome enjoying it during our lovely dinner!


mint stripe.

top: jcrew

circle skirt: forever 21 (also seen here)

bag: louis vuitton speedy 30

shoes: mossimo/target  (i adore these!)

watch: michael kors

bangles: thrifted

sunglasses: ray ban aviator

HOORAY it’s friday and it’s going to be a wonderful weekend! my cousin, melanie, has come to visit us and we’re so happy to see her. also, we’re having a small dinner party tonight which will be filled with yummy treats, drinks, and board games. i’m cooking so wish me luck (i will need it)! as for the rest of the weekend, the city will be packed with everyone out and about enjoying the pride festivities. it’s going to be so much fun! what are your plans for the weekend?!


denim:gap 1969 always skinny (my faves)

oxfords/ikat blouse: f21

sunglasses: anthropologie (similar here)

pearl earrings: gifted

bicycle info:

bianchi pista via brera

hey everyone! i hope you are all well. as for me, lately i’ve been on a major fitness kick and have been doing pretty well. remember how i said i would like to run the sf half marathon? well, training has officially begun. this fitness mission has been my first priority as of late. and contrary to popular belief (AHEM those of my husband and some of my friends) i’ve actually been riding my bike to work and i’ve been loving it! granted i do show up to work looking a little windblown, but that’s okay. the key is getting to work before everyone else so i can freshen up.

anyway, it’s been quite nice getting use out of my new bike, getting some extra exercise in, and decompressing while riding home from work. and yes, i wear a helmet, but of course i didn’t want to be pictured in that dorky thing. as for the ride, it can be a bit challenging due to the hills, especially on a single speed. but those inclines will only make me stronger and stronger (at least that’s what i tell myself as i’m huffing and puffing and sweating like mad). on my third day riding to work, i actually made it up the steep hill that comes just before the conclusion of my ride. some real cyclists zoomed by me and said “good job.” i thought, “i about died, but i did it!”