just can’t get enough.

circle skirt:american apparel

ikat blouse: forever 21

bag: vintage coach

bangles: thrifted

sunglasses: ray ban

shoes: seychelles (on sale here)

i just can’t seem to get enough of this warm weather we’ve been having here in san francisco. the weather was so refreshingly lovely today!  it was one of those glorious days when i was able to walk up to my closet and choose anything i wanted to wear without worrying about what heavy jacket to lug around or what tights to store in my bag for later. and let me tell you, when it’s warm and sunny in sf all the girls get the memo which reads “pull out your summer attire now!”  while i was walking around the city this afternoon i noticed gals were sporting their dresses, shorts, and sandals as far as the eye could see. i know i for one want this warm weather to keep on coming. so bring it on sf, bring it on!

have a wonderful day everyone!


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