date night at cal academy.

here are some photos from our date night at cal academy. it was such a fun-filled adventure and all for just 12 dollars a ticket. can’t beat that! we got to enjoy the exhibits, a live dissection, and a performance by tim cohen’s magic trick. it was a lovely evening. i can’t wait for our next date night. i’m thinking we need to go see wes anderson’s new film, moonrise kingdom. we’ve only had free movie tickets since christmas, shhhheeeessshhh! it’s like pulling teeth getting brian to go to the movies, but i’m gonna make it happen!


3 thoughts on “date night at cal academy.

  1. i definitely want to try this! i’m always amazed by the aquarium section especially the first picture you have here. something about seeing all those colors above water is so fascinating!

    ps. i want to see moonrise kingdom too!


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