instagood times.

the brother/b-day boy

last saturday we had another delightful afternoon at weird fish, one of our favorite eateries in the neighborhood. we decided to take brian’s brother, cory, for a belated birthday celebration. it was so nice sitting with friends on a warm afternoon sipping sangria and munching on fried calamari and fish tacos.

it was really lovely hanging out with anne and jen at the same time. we all used to work together and were able to share laughs and lunch breaks on a daily basis. i can’t count how many lunches we’ve spent together at moonrise café in bernal heights. but now we’ve all gone our separate ways professionally, so sadly our visits aren’t as frequent. boo! anyway, it was really nice spending some quality time with my husband and friends over yummy food on a sunny saturday afternoon.

now it’s time for me to start packing for mexico… we leave tomorrow! woo-hoo!

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jumping for joy.

skirt: american apparel (last seen here)

shirt: jcrew factory (last seen here)

bag: vintage gucci

shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo in navy

sunglasses: similar here

watch: michael kors

on sunday i was beyond grumpy. for some reason i was really stressed and being a real goober. ultimately brian, like the wonderful man he is, convinced me to get dressed and go out to meet some friends. in the end, putting an outfit together, getting out in the fresh air, and jumping around made me feel better. somehow acting silly always puts me in a better mood.

as for the outfit, it was another day in the same chambray. i really love this basic that wears well with just about anything, including my favorite corduroy circle skirt. well that’s all for now. brian just walked in the door with some packages. please let one be the vintage coach willis bag i’ve been waiting for…


four feel pretty products.

four feel pretty products.
here are four beauty products i cannot live without…
1. i’ve been wearing coco mademoiselle for years and it will continue to be my signature fragrance for years to come. this scent is so lovely!
2. this kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer is the best!  it makes my skin feel soft without feeling greasy (another moisturizer i love is clinique youth surge night).
3. i love ultra-pink cheeks… always have, always will! i think they are so girly and pretty. i really like mac so sweet so easy (creme) and dolly mix (powder).
4.  red nails are eternally classic and chic. i always make sure i have a great red nail polish like this one from nars.

for the love of cameras.


bag: vintage coach city bag

wedges: b.o.c. by born (similar here)

sunglasses: available here

bangles: thrifted

flower pin: vintage

stone ring: street sale find

it was another sunday, another day of street sales, and another romper. i tell ya, i really love rompers and dresses- one piece makes it so easy to get dressed! anyway, i’m super excited to tell you all that i decided to step it up camera equipment wise. i love my nikon p7000 but it has it’s limitations being a point and shoot. we all know a point and shoot cannot replace a dslr. i knew this was coming- it was just a matter of when. as i began shopping, it was a toss up between the canon 60d and the canon t3i. why did i go canon over nikon? well, i own a few cameras including canon and nikon; therefore, it was a tough choice. aside from the nikon point and shoot and i also have a vintage nikon slr, but i also own an old canon film slr that has really gone the distance as well. since i already have a wide-angle and telephoto lens for a canon, i figured dollar for dollar the canon was the best choice for me.

ultimately, i chose to go with the t3i mainly due to the fact that i had been eyeing that one the longest and the price was a lot friendlier in comparison to the 60d. i decided to buy the body only so that i could choose the lens i wanted instead of getting the kit lens. and the winner was the ef 50 mm 1.4 lens and i’m so excited about it that i can hardly contain myself! i almost feel like waiting on any more outfit shots until it arrives, but that would make me feel like i was turning my back on my nikon, which i will still get a ton of use out of. it’s small and offers complete control which i love. so i’m excited that i will have the perfect point and shoot AND an amazing dslr to call my own!

the handbag dreamer.

every girl who has a serious love for handbags has their ultimate dream bag that they would covert forever if given the chance to own it. for some it’s a balenciaga, for others it’s a hermes birkin, and for many it’s the latest and greatest louis vuitton. for me and i’m sure many others, it’s a classic quilted chanel. and i may not have one anytime soon but i can still daydream about it and drool over them by perusing the chanel website and searching for vintage lovelies on ebay (which as i mentioned yesterday has become a bit of an issue). it’s a mild form of torture.

this chanel bag truly makes my heart go pitter pat. i swear i’m the eternal handbag dreamer.