summer lovin’.

my days spent at chime and zuhair’s house were full of relaxation, tasty cocktails, laughter, food and more food (figs from the backyard, artisan cheeses, freshly baked kale chips, homemade ice cream, freshly baked bread… all courtesy of my lovely chime), and me wearing pajamas all day! nothing says vacation like wearing pjs all day. now that i’m back to long days at work- those which have seemed endless as of late, i can’t help but reminisce about my vacation days that seem like such a long time ago. i’m left wishing i could go back to watching trash tv, eating homemade earl grey ice cream and blueberry tarts, and enjoying the company of two that i see far too little of. let’s just say my next vacation can’t come soon enough!

p.s. while staying with chime and zu, i was introduced to goat cheese stuffed dates. BEST THINGS EVER!


7 thoughts on “summer lovin’.

  1. That sounds like the best vaycay ever! OMG homemade ice cream sounds delicious. Maybe i’m on vaycay everyday after work because I always put on my pj’s as soon as I get home!! It’s the working during the day thats the downer…
    Love your blog! Thanks for liking my facebook page!
    Xx Linda Chai

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