in the rose garden (part two).

i couldn’t resist adding another one of our fuzzy friends. we took far too many photos of the squirrels but they were so dang cute that we couldn’t resist. 


vest: thrifted (similar here)

pants: gap (similar here)

booties: sam edelman

hat/belt: h&m

tee: american apparel acid washed

hey everyone! as i mentioned here brian, amy, and i went to the morcom municipal rose garden on sunday afternoon where they sipped on beers and i sipped on coca cola classic. i definitely recommend checking out this delightful garden! my plan is to return in may for a picnic when the flowers have just blossomed and are flourishing as far as the eye can see. the garden is peaceful, beautiful, and tucked away in a quaint oakland neighborhood. oh and another awesome point to acknowledge is that it’s free! which is always a plus in my book and i’m sure i’m not the only one. i’m not going to lie, the past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. so as i mentioned here i have been a major homebody which has allowed me to nest and decompress. but when i do decide to get out, i want to take in the fresh air and take in some scenic pleasures which fortunately there is a surplus of in the bay area.

amy was nice enough to let me take some style photos of her while we walked through the rose gardens. truth be told, i would love to use this blog to not only showcase my personal style, but to show a variety of perspectives on style and fashion- friends and strangers alike. here’s the problem: i don’t have the guts to ask people on the street. i think that the mission district (my neighborhood!) has some of the best street style in the city (oh, hayes valley has some stylish gals and gents as well). i guess i’m going to have to try to work up the courage to ask people and have them not think i’m a total weirdo. until that happens, if it ever does, i’m lucky enough to have some very stylish friends that give me permission to photograph them and post their sartorial choices. as far as amy’s look is concerned, i really appreciate this casual menswear inspired look, from the laid back cotton slack-style pants to the denim vest to the ankle booties. it’s a great look for her and it has inspired me to try some menswear inspired looks. these looks are all the rage right now! i love trends that are timeless and classic, reemerging time and time again and menswear inspired styles definitely meet that criteria.

i hope you enjoyed seeing amy’s outfit. she definitely has great personal style!


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