bar tartine.

i’m often asked what my all time favorite restaurant is in the city and to be honest, i was never able to give a definite answer- until now. the other night, to celebrate my growing another year older (hints about my exact age are in this post!), brian and i headed to bar tartine, which is now my favorite restaurant in the city. and since i’m on this trying to learn how to cook kick, i will need to get a hold of the bar tartine cookbook. every single item we tried was to die for. seriously!

they have the best bread ever! it comes from their bakery tartine. i mean to tell you, that bread is something else! they serve the bread with high grade olive oil mixed with fennel. there are no words!

i’m ashamed that i didn’t get photos of all the food and drinks we ordered. i was sort of a slacker this time. brian was really hungry and sometimes he (understandably) gets tired of waiting for me to take photos before we start eating. i’m one of those. hehe… it’s annoying.

this is the dish that brian ate as his main, but he let me try some. sunflower seed, peeled tomatoes, and avocado dip. DELISH!

these were the best brussel sprouts i have ever had! who would think to throw some mint in there? amazing! seriously, i couldn’t get over how fantastic these brussel sprouts were. i mean i think brian wanted to tell me to shut up at the table because i was ranting and raving incessantly about how much i loved them. he didn’t though- instead he saved the last bites for me. i love that man!

the pickled red cabbage was really good- savory and crunchy. we loved the hints of ginger.

this beet tart was simply scrumptious! it was vegan too… they just put the ice cream and meringue on the side for me. mmmm!

so going back to the thesis of this post, hands down, bar tartine was by far the best restaurant i’ve had in the city. every detail was satisfying and perfect! tonight we are heading to foreign cinema for dinner. let’s see how they measure up. perhaps, i will have a sf’s best list soon. 🙂

happy eating!


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