all mine.

i’m so excited that this peter pan collar sweater is mine… mine… ALL mine! thanks to my friends dave and david who got me a gift card to jcrew for my b-day (not to mention this beautiful necklace from tiffany’s that has been around my neck since the moment it came out of the box). now about this sweater, it’s the perfect piece for the autumn season and will easily carry me into winter. it’s very similar to the one i posted here. dare i say better? yes, it’s even better! i can’t wait to pair it with skirts and tights, denim, and layer it over dresses! this garnet sweater will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

p.s. even though i had a gift card i still didn’t pay full price for this lovely girl. my friend anne and i combined items on one order to receive 25% off and free shipping! let’s just say i’m not big on paying full price unless i absolutely have to. unfortunately, there are certain items that never go on sale. ever. SIGH!

update: it arrived and i love it! the color and fit are perfect!


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