season of the witch.

cape: american apparel tights: forever 21 shoes: salvatore ferragamo vara hat: party city bangles: thrifted ring: street sale

this halloween when planning my costume it honestly came down to one thing: an excuse to buy this black cape from american apparel! although i love halloween, costumes can be tough because i don’t like spending money on things i will never wear again. that’s when it dawned on me that i should start planning costumes around articles of clothing i want to buy for myself anyway. or simply not buy anything and work with what i already have, but that wouldn’t have given me my excuse now would it? hehe! i’m so glad that this cape was perfect for my costume, but i’m even happier that it will be perfect for the fall and winter weather. so in reality i’m really only out about nine bucks for the costume parts of my witchy-poo costume, five bucks for the hat and four bucks for the broom. i’m so excited to wear the cape all the time! i’m even thinking of another costume that would require getting one in a different color. someone just needs to plan a costume party! luckily, my friend says he might have one in the works! i have to say i thought that being a witch for halloween was a pretty darn clever reason to buy something i really wanted anyway, don’t you? what halloween shopping tricks do you have up your sleeve?

anyhoo, as i look at my favorite blogs i can’t help but feel like the season is already passing me by! i never even made it out to a pumpkin patch, damn it! but i did start researching known spooky spots throughout the city. i figured what better thing to do than to dress up like a witch and visit a “haunted” spot. i was going on and on to brian about how cool it would be to visit all of these various haunted treasures throughout the city, and i think i have him sold. but before i did, i made the comment that we should take my witch photos near stow lake (a supposed haunted area in golden gate park) on a foggy day because it would add effect to the photos. i really wanted to look like a witch doing her handy work in a forest somewhere (yes, i’m totally serious. and yes, i’m a complete dork!!! ha!). to which he responded, “or we can just buy some dry ice and go outside of the apartment”. dudes. in the end, brian took me to a wooded area in potrero hill and i don’t know of any hauntings there but i still loved the location!

another plus, i actually think i have him intrigued by the idea of visiting the haunted sutro baths at night and stopping in for a drink at a haunted hotel. i really enjoy the superstition and ghost stories. therefore, my next mission is to tour spots in the city that are known for paranormal activity.  whether it’s a big load of crap or not, it will still be a fun adventure that i will be sure to share with you!

 happy halloween… BOOO-HA-HA-HAAA!

all photos by brian.


dearest october.

fall colors. 

october is one of my favorite months of the year. i love the crispness in the air and the fall colors (and clothes!), storefronts adorned with halloween decor, and all of the festive get togethers. i also love looking forward to thanksgiving (a favorite holiday). october was the month brian and i exchanged our wedding vows nine years ago (i love my pretty anniversary flowers. thanks, babe!) and the month we got our cat bowie october. it is a special month for us to say the least. so dear october, i love you!

17th and treat.

blouse: f21  denim: levi’s jacket: old navy  shoes: madewell zipcode boot  sunglasses: ray ban  bracelet: jcrew  bag: vintage gucci (also here)

sunday brian and i were heading to trader joe’s when we made an impromptu stop at an industrial corner in the mission. i thought it would be cool to snap some photos in that area, especially near the old mission police station. i’ve driven by it so many times thinking it would be a great place to snap some pics. so we finally did it!

i got this cobalt blouse in august when i was back home for a visit. one evening i took my nieces to forever 21 to buy them some back to school goods and i ended up finding something for myself (surprise!). the thing is i didn’t wear it until a couple of days ago which speaks to the fact that i really shouldn’t shop as often. well that’s easier said than done. old/bad/fun/closet rewarding/stress relieving habits die hard.

something vintage.

dress: collective concepts distressed denim jacket: jcrew factory (on sale)  shoes: madewell zipcode boot  watch: michael kors  bracelet: jcrew (gift)  aviators: ray ban bag: 1970’s vintage gucci

i love 70’s style! how about you? this mini dress hollered at me when i was shopping around at therapy. the print, colors, and cut on this vintage inspired frock really reminds me of that era. and my bag makes me wish i could go back in time and raid bianca jagger’s accessory collection (i’m sort of obsessed with bianca and mick’s style from the days of studio 54!).

one of my favorite things to do stylistically is incorporating something vintage into my outfits as often as possible. lately, that’s happening in the way of handbags and clutches.

me + vintage bags = BIG trouble.

sailor girl.

dress: birds of north america (b-day gift via hangr 16denim shirt: thrifted jones new york wedges: madewell (purchased at an additional 30% off sale price! woo-hoo!) sunglasses: ebay necklace: tiffany and co. (b-day gift) lipstick: clinique raspberry rush 

okay so maybe i’m not a sailor girl. as a matter of fact, i don’t think i’ve ever set foot on a sail boat (what a shame!). but can i just say i’m super excited about this sailor girl style dress that my friends eddie and ryan got me for my b-day?! well technically they got me an awesome blouse adorned with polka dots, kitties, and a peter pan collar (this blouse was perfection!). unfortunately that rad kitty blouse didn’t fit me (boo!). but in the end, i found this awesome dress on super sale  and i’m SMITTEN over every single detail. the cut is flattering, the coral hue is so pretty and feminine, and the contrast of the sky blue stitching takes it over the top. oh and i can’t forget to mention the pockets! i automatically fall for any garment with pockets, so that’s clearly an added bonus. this dress was a freakin’ score and a half!

i’m so fortunate to have such thoughtful friends (thanks again, ryan and eddie!).  i’m also super stoked that finding this dress exposed me to the birds of north america clothing line. their dresses are unique and simple which i really like. you should check them out! yay for amazing friends and new dresses… and the upcoming weekend!

and yay-yay-yay-yay-yay to the san francisco weather gods for allowing us gals to wear summer dresses in the fall!

sunday stew.

the ingredients! 

i LOVE these owl measuring cups my bestie anne got for me. thanks, anne! 

this weekend sf decided to have a sunny disposition. even though i was hoping for rain it’s always nice to have warm and sunny days in the city. despite the warm weather i still wanted to make some veggie stew and that i did! our friends amy and rachel came over to join us. so we all enjoyed dinner together while listening to black heart procession and fleetwood mac records. it was really nice and relaxing. the stew was delicious which made me quite happy! i also whipped up some virgin watermelon mint mojitos and they were super refreshing.

here’s the recipe for the stew:

2 containers of imagine organic vegetarian broth

2 leek stalks

1 onion

lots of carrots (7-9 depending on the size)

lots of red and white skin potatoes (6-8)

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of chard

1 cup of green beans

2 cups of fresh corn

salt, pepper, and thyme to taste

the stew was hearty and healthy. success! 😀