the last of the light.

necklace: tiffany and co. (gift)  ring: street sale find (middle)  ring: gift from chime (ring)  

top: madewell

sweater: jcrew (similar here)

cord skirt: american apparel

shoes: born concept

bag: jcrew

sunglasses: ebay (similar here)

yesterday afternoon i boarded bart and headed over to oakland to visit my friend amy. once i arrived she took me over to the jack london aquatic center. we were lucky enough to get there right before the sun went down and so we were able snap a few photos with my trusty point and shoot. the more i visit oakland the more and more i like it. it sort of seems like a blend of san francisco and my hometown of riverside (with little hints of los angeles too… think silver lake/echo park) which makes the place feel very homey and inviting to me. it’s much slower than sf and faster than riverside. it mainly reminds me of riverside due to the old spanish, mediterranean, and tudor homes tucked away in quiet neighborhoods, much like the ones i love so much back home.

now for my lil’ ol’ outfit! i’m so enamored with it that i think i may have to slap it back on today. it’s the combination of muted colors mixed with the textures of lace, corduroy, and wool that i’m so drawn to. it was so comfortable too which seems to be my number one objective anymore when getting dressed. speaking of which, it’s about time i get changed out of my pjs and get movin’ since it’s already noon and all! i’m so lazy! oh how i love lazy days.


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