here kitty kitty.

cream puff and the scratch post she never uses (she prefers the chair).

blouse: madewell (extra 25% off sale price!)

denim: gap 1969 always skinny

necklace: gifted from/designed by chime

wedges: born concept (want these!)

good morning! these photos were snapped friday afternoon right before i was about to head out for a laid back evening of sushi and drinks. i really wanted to have our kitties in the photos. let’s just say there weren’t many photos to choose from because bowie bathed pretty much the entire time (she’s so cute!) and she wasn’t exactly feeling it. cream puff hates really dislikes being held, although in the last photo she made it appear for a split second as if it didn’t bother her too much. after that split second she poked a little hole in my new shirt. gosh darn kitties! i love them no matter what shirts they poke holes in or how many pieces of furniture they destroy (not that it thrills me). i have to admit i’m jealous that i’m off to work and they get to nap all day… lucky girls!

6 thoughts on “here kitty kitty.

  1. I love this outfit 🙂 You’re necklace is awesome, I would wear it with everything. And I have been meaning to tell you that I really like your hair! I have really long hair and day dream about chopping it off and dyeing it blonde from time to time… and then fear grips me and I have a panic attack! heehe

    I’ve got an awesome GIVE AWAY 🙂 happening on my blog, if you haven’t checked it out yet. It’s open would wide and it’s a great statement necklace by Sportsgirl. You should enter!
    Xx Linda Chai

    • thanks! i really enjoy this necklace and i especially love that my bff made it for me! and you are totally right, it wears well with everything. it can be worn longer or shorter and the colors are perfect. my friend should consider selling them!

      i really love your long hair- it’s so pretty. i used to have really long hair too and when i chopped it off it felt great. i say try it if you are really itching to do it but only if you reaaallllly want to. your hair will look awesome either way!

      i will be sure you check out your giveaway! thanks, linda!

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