windblown in the east bay.

ritual coffee.

around the apartment:

my little mama bear being so snuggly and cute… as usual.

the perfect record for cloudy/rainy days (or just the perfect record). a gift from brian.

my cute lil’ baby bow bow all stretched out.

these bike mounts from cb2 are awesome and much more reasonable in comparison to this one that’s about 150 dollars per mount!

out and about:

enjoying the sunset and breeze in the east bay.

my favorite skirt and comfy wedges.

can i just say i’m so happy it’s friday?! i’m beyond ready to relax and make some veggie stew this weekend. the weather has been much cooler the last couple of days and we had some light showers last night. so it’s the perfect excuse to rent some videos, make some stew, and relax on the sofa. however, i wouldn’t be too surprised if the weather turns on us. sf weather has a serious mood disorder! i really wouldn’t mind sleeping in and then awaking to the sound of rain. the smiths will be played and soup will be made!


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