thank you!


denim: anthropologie blouse: forever 21 boots: madewell zipcode (also here and here) sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

i wore this outfit on thanksgiving, mainly because it was so dang comfortable (and this simple blouse is one of my favorites)! these photos were snapped outside of brian’s parents’ house down in socal (minus the bottom two that were taken at my mama’s house). we has lots of fun and interesting moments while visiting back home. it was so nice spending time with family, taking photos, and filling our bellies full of mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing, and all the other sides. yep, no turkey for us! it’s always great seeing family and old friends… they are hard to leave each time, but it’s always nice to be home in sf with our kitties.

now for the most important part of the post (i saved the best for last): i’m about to hit my one year blog anniversary in a few days and i have to say that it has been such a fun experience writing a blog, reading blogs, and being part of the blogging community. i have experienced such welcoming and wonderful feedback and comments from people and that means so much. in a world with so much negativity, it is so refreshing to have such a creative outlet with a positive community of writers and readers alike. i remember people used to say they loved blogging because they made friends through their blog and i thought okay “internet friends”. but it’s so true. sometimes when i’ve had a complete and total shit day it can really be turned around by reading a funny or inspiring blog post or by having conversations with other bloggers who enjoy sharing personal style, food, inspiration, and photography! so i want to say thank you to my readers! this may sound super cheesy but i’m truly grateful for those of you who have made this new experience of blogging a fantastic one. so in short, besides being thankful for my awesome husband and best friend brian, family (thanks moms for cooking yummy thanksgiving feasts! i love you both!!), and friends, i’m thankful for you, your feedback, and positivity. thank you! thank you! 🙂

p.s. i meant to post this on or before thanksgiving. sometimes even my best laid plans fall through. better late than never, right? haha. hearts!


girls down by the river.

me and chime: besties for resties

when i was back home my girlfriends and i had a little reunion downtown. it’s crazy how much has changed over the years for all of us. we have practically grown up together… college, careers, relationships, ups and downs, tears, laughs, and everything in-between. it’s so important to have girlfriends to turn to through the good times and the bad. girls that know everything about you and don’t judge. girls that finish your sentences and give their honest opinion no matter what. i feel so fortunate to have such wonderful girls in my life that i can always turn to whether they’re near or far. but i really wish some weren’t so far.

the beautifiul lerrianne. another girl i miss already. it will be time to schedule a girl’s weekend at her house in los angeles very soon!

lerrie, anne, moi, and chime at an art museum in downtown, riv. 

amy, lerrie, belia, and her beautiful baby boy, julian! 

chime and i keep talking about how crazy it was that for once all of our schedules allowed us to meet up and catch up. who knows when that will happen again, but i’m so thankful we got the chance last week.

now that i’m back home i am going to try something new tomorrow through sunday morning that i’m hoping will rejuvenate me! after twenty hours in a car, crap food, fantastic thanksgiving food, wine, cocktails, desserts, you get the picture… it’s time to try a cleanse for the first time and detoxify my system. so what was my cyber monday purchase? a three-day cleanse from pressed juicery. i’m really excited to start but we’ll see how i feel after day one, haha! wish me luck!


cropped tee: american apparel shorts: forever 21 bag: marc jacobs wedges: madewell sunglasses: ray ban belt: american apparel

it was so nice to see my bestie last week! since we live so far away from each other we don’t get to hangout as often which is a bummer. so we made sure to get in some quality time over the holiday along with our friends anne, lerrianne, belia, and amy (instagram magic to follow) in downtown riverside. we grabbed lunch at simple simon’s, took a little train ride, and checked out a museum. we all had so much fun!


dress: forever 21 sweater: jcrew booties: madewell zipcode bag: vintage coach city sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

i decided it was time to bring bangs back! some more ch-ch-changes. we just got back from a road trip that i sort of romanticized in my head before we left. but after dealing the with insane holiday traffic and spending over ten hours in the car yesterday, i have to say never again. next time we’ll fly! anyway, i’ve got lots of cool photos to share including an outfit post of my best friend! but for now it’s time to go grocery shopping, run errands, and go running. hope you had a wonderful holiday!

shoppers anonymous.

sweater: jcrew factory shirt: vintage/secondhand from chime denim: anthropologie bag: vintage coach willis shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster frog pin: jcrew factory

thanksgiving is getting closer which means the biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching! will you be out there in the crazy that is black friday or will you shop online? last year anne and i got up early-ish and went into the madness but didn’t last long. we can’t deal with the crazy crowds. so we’ve scheduled an online shopping date! yep, we haven’t even made it down to socal yet or celebrated the holiday and i’m already worried about where and when the shopping will take place (fitting title, huh? haha). happy thanksgiving and shopping!

dotted & striped.

sweater: jcrew factory dress: forever 21 (similar here) tights: jcrew bag: vintage coach willis shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

today brian and i had a relaxing little sunday filled with brunch, mimosas, a walk through the neighborhood, and naps. it was so nice! but now it’s time to start getting everything organized for our road trip down south. i’m so excited that we’ll be celebrating the holiday with family and friends in just a couple of days. well, i’d better hop to it seeing as i have an intimidating pile of laundry calling my name.

mmm, tofurky day is getting closer (i already got started yesterday with a pumpkin spice cupcake)… happy thanksgiving week, y’all!

you’ve got to be kitten me.

these have got to be some of the cutest freakin’ things i’ve EVER seen! cute cats in fashionable clothes, does it get any better? here’s a little fun fact about me: i’m a complete kitty fanatic. i love their walk, talk (meoooow), attitude, and confident nature. simply put: i pretty much love everything about cats. i mean, i was the crazy cat lady who back in the day believed my favorite cat of all time, alley, really understood me. actually, i’m still quite sure he did (hehe). he was so intelligent! alley was part cat and part grumpy old man/mama’s boy. oh, how i miss that cat! i used to think about what voice he would have if he could talk, which i was certain would be a distinguished british accent. i also think that if he got dressed up he would have chosen a sweater vest and blazer like the kitty in the top left hand corner. {insert: this girl is totally nuts} don’t all pet owners think about these things?! maybe not.

one or two of these heather mattoon prints will definitely be added to my christmas list this year. i can’t wait to hang them in the apartment!! wow, i can’t believe i’m already talking about christmas. i’m not going to lie, i’m pretty excited about the holidays and definitely in the festive spirit this year. there are so many things to look forward to, including going home next week for thanksgiving. it’s going to be so much fun. we’re taking a road trip down to riverside to spend the holiday with family and friends. this year my mama is cooking for our immediate family and my friends. and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a mom’s cooking. am i right? i can already imagine the delicious smell that will greet me when i open my mom’s front door. mmm! i can’t wait to eat my mother-in-law’s thanksgiving treats either. two moms equals double the food fun!

anyway when we get back, i will be totally set to go out and get a christmas tree. we will have a another tree trimming party just like we did last year and it’s gonna be totally awesome! food, drinks, friends, christmas music for as long as brian will tolerate it, and games! i better keep running to burn all the holiday calories i’m going to take in! oh, calories shmalories.