sunflower (and oolong tea) power.

i’ve been sick all the freakin’ time lately. it has been like an eternal curse of allergies and colds and whatever the hell else my weak immune system won’t fight off. as a matter fact, i have a post on my dashboard that i never published entitled “bedridden” from a couple of weeks back when i was really sick. i’m glad i spared you all on that major downer of a woe is me post. but anyway, my point is: whenever i’m sick i have to have this soup (this one or some spicy tom yum). sick or not it’s AMAZING! but when i’m sick it recovers my soul. the other night when we went to dinner i was feeling the pains of annoying allergies: itchy/sore/aggravated throat mixed with a mild headache (my state of being lately) but the soup really helped. let’s just say i downed the soup and oolong tea like it was noooobody’s business and felt much better!

hot/sour soup + oolong tea= my allergy nightmare survival kit

i really can’t believe that when i wrote this post about my favorite restaurants in the mission i neglected to mention sunflower. seriously, shame on me for that oversight! their food is so good and their lunch specials are super reasonable. whenever we go we always order the hot and sour soup (obvi), lemongrass tofu, and vermicelli. we have always gone to the mission location but this time we went to the one in potrero hill. it was really cool because we got to enjoy the beautiful views and watch the fog roll in from the hill. minus my headache, it was a good night with my awesome man. this weekend i think it’s due time that brian and i ride our bikes to the ferry building and maybe even check out the sutro baths. also, some major closet organization will be in order. once again, it looks like a bomb got set off in my room/closet. a ferocious and relentless clothing bomb.


2 thoughts on “sunflower (and oolong tea) power.

  1. That looks delicious! I have been sick a bunch lately, too, and I largely blame the hot/cold dry/humid weather we’ve been having – I definitely could’ve used some of that amazing soup! Glad you’re feeling better! 🙂

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