love bug.

sweater: jcrew (on sale now) skirt: secondhand from chime tank: f21 belt: jcrew factory necklace: tiffany and co. (b-day gift from chime) bag: vintage coach oxfords: f21 boy shorts: hanes (the best) sunglasses: ray ban

the colors in this outfit kinda remind me of a ladybug! i wore this sunday for a date brian and i had at the ferry building. we had such a wonderful time together and it reminded both of us that we need to go on real dates more often. we are very busy most of the time. however, quality time together is too important to overlook. that’s why we really need to schedule in awesome dates at least once a week! i mean we spend time together daily, but i’m a girl and i want real dates! ones that require getting dressed! not merely hitting the submit order button on grubhub whilst wearing a facial mask and pjs. for our next date, i want to head out to wine country for lunch and wine tasting. i can’t wait!

on another note, i’m also looking forward to getting back in shape. brian and i rode our bikes to the ferry building and back. it’s a pretty easy ride but it was nice to get some exercise in nonetheless. i’ve been running more lately too but i still really need to step it way up. ever since running the half marathon i just haven’t stuck to my regular running schedule. perhaps, that’s why i’ve been getting sick so often… i haven’t been breaking a sweat enough. it’s time to get back in gear. for real!


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