my boyfriend’s back.

boyfriend jeans: anthropologie top: forever 21 jacket: old navy booties: jeffrey campbell rumble hat: aldo froggy pin: jcrew factory bag: vintage coach nails: opi berlin there done that

lately i’ve had the toughest time finding the right boyfriend jeans and i have to say that was not always the case. a couple of years back i always had boyfriend jeans on rotation. i would wear them out to the point when i would have to cut them into shorts and then visit gap again to buy a new pair. that was until gap stopped carrying the original bf cut and created the “sexy” bf. but here’s the problem: i’m not trying to be sexy when wearing boyfriend jeans! i don’t want them super tight and extra cropped with a high rise! the entire principle behind the boyfriend jean is the slouchy, relaxed, and extra comfortable fit. if i wanted cropped skinny jeans i would buy some cropped skinny jeans. duh, gap. get it together!

since i could no longer find the ones i loved so much at the gap, a serious boyfriend hunt began to no avail for quite some time. eventually i found some potential boyfriends but they were all over $150 and i just couldn’t bring myself to pay that. so i was stoked when i scored these from anthro on super sale (originally 128, purchased at 44 after an extra 25% off sale price). and that’s how i finally got my boyfriend back!

i’ve been back on my running schedule and i’m hoping to whip myself back into shape in no time. my goal is to run at least 15 miles per week to start and go up from there. it’s so important that i run because it does so much for me in the way of stress relief and mood elevation. i always feel more motivated, uplifted, and have more willingness to be extra productive after a workout. the thing is: i’m sort of an all or nothing person sometimes. so if i fall of the workout wagon for even a couple of weeks, my running can become haphazard at best. therefore, i’ve decided that it’s time to make running my top priority again. nine miles down so far this week and i will be hitting the pavement after work this evening to make twelve. i’m getting back on track!


9 thoughts on “my boyfriend’s back.

  1. V cute outfit – I love those Jeffrey Campbell booties, his shoes are always gorgeous! Kudos on getting back into running, I need to start up again after being sick for a while! 🙂

    • thanks! i love jc shoes too. fortunately, i found these half off about a year ago!!! i was super happy about that. i didn’t know you were a runner! it’s a shame we can’t go running together. 😉 have a great weekend!

      • Hurray for deals (esp. on expensive shoes haha)! It would be great to have a running partner, we’ll have to motivate each other through the magic of blogging! Enjoy the long weekend! 🙂

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