girls down by the river.

me and chime: besties for resties

when i was back home my girlfriends and i had a little reunion downtown. it’s crazy how much has changed over the years for all of us. we have practically grown up together… college, careers, relationships, ups and downs, tears, laughs, and everything in-between. it’s so important to have girlfriends to turn to through the good times and the bad. girls that know everything about you and don’t judge. girls that finish your sentences and give their honest opinion no matter what. i feel so fortunate to have such wonderful girls in my life that i can always turn to whether they’re near or far. but i really wish some weren’t so far.

the beautifiul lerrianne. another girl i miss already. it will be time to schedule a girl’s weekend at her house in los angeles very soon!

lerrie, anne, moi, and chime at an art museum in downtown, riv. 

amy, lerrie, belia, and her beautiful baby boy, julian! 

chime and i keep talking about how crazy it was that for once all of our schedules allowed us to meet up and catch up. who knows when that will happen again, but i’m so thankful we got the chance last week.

now that i’m back home i am going to try something new tomorrow through sunday morning that i’m hoping will rejuvenate me! after twenty hours in a car, crap food, fantastic thanksgiving food, wine, cocktails, desserts, you get the picture… it’s time to try a cleanse for the first time and detoxify my system. so what was my cyber monday purchase? a three-day cleanse from pressed juicery. i’m really excited to start but we’ll see how i feel after day one, haha! wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “girls down by the river.

  1. Fun photos of some beautiful ladies! I love my best friends and I know exactly what you mean; sometimes my friend and I will have entire conversations without exchanging a single (intelligible) word! Good luck with your cleanse!! 🙂

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