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ski lodge

madewell sweater  // madewell zipcode boot // j. crew chevron scarf // vintage coach city bag // forever 21 denim and hat // ray ban aviators

this outfit makes me feel like i should be sitting in a ski lodge somewhere sipping on hot coco. but since i’m not headed to a ski lodge any time soon i wore this downtown. i really like the combination of stripes and chevron. about the chevron scarf… i bought it over ten years ago on super sale at j.crew. it’s practically vintage, or will be soon enough! my vacation has been so relaxing. i’ve been hanging out in the apartment (possibly verging on hermit status) watching music documentaries on joy division, the smiths, and the “importance of being morrissey” (brian asked me if that was really the name of the documentary. haha! freakin’ morrissey). so yeah i’m a real snore these days unless it comes to eating and watching documentaries on brit bands. then i’m glad to make some food and obsess over cute brit boys (i.e. ian curtis).  i’ve actually been cooking quite a bit and its been nice to have a couple of friends over to eat some home cooked meals.

skyski 3DSCN3938

however, i did get out of the apartment today to do some shopping downtown with anne. the parking lot was so packed that we had to park on the top floor of the parking structure, but it was pretty awesome because we got to snap some cool photos. anne took the outfit photos of yours truly and i took the rest (her outfit is so cute!). i love taking out my little point and shoot out and about! it’s so convenient and i can capture moments in the sky like these. happy new year! DSCN3927

j.crew sweater // american apparel dress // hue tights // lucky brand booties // vintage bag // michael kors watch




hey everyone! since the year is coming to a close i thought i would go right ahead and copy all the other bloggers that created an end of the year round-up post! so these are some of my favorite outfits and posts from 2012. writing this blog (now a year old!) has been fun and i’m looking forward to sharing more outfits, food, and adventures in the new year. have a happy and safe new year! xo


ginger and paisley }


19th and alabama }


dotted & striped }


jumping for joy }


love bug }


{ 20th and capp }


saturday afternoon }


 { in the rose garden }


rain in style }

blue christmas

blue christmas }romper

rompin’ around }


sailor girl }


thirty something }


wintered }

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on holiday.


super old forever 21 dress  // madewell tights // vintage salvatore ferragamo shoes // j.crew classic link necklace (gift from dave + david) and bracelet (gift from anne)

last night we had our little christmas party and we all had such a wonderful time! it was a cozy get together filled with yummy food (including this soup), christmas tunes (a whole lotta wham), wine, cocktails, and gifts. i have to admit that over the years i’ve become much more festive. so i already knew a couple of weeks back what i wanted to wear for our holiday party, which was this feminine lace dress, red tights, and ferragamos. but what i didn’t know was that i would have the perfect necklace to wear with it. my friends dave and david are so sweet! they gave me the necklace before the party started so i could be the hostess with the mostess.

well i don’t know about you but i procrastinated and therefore i will be out getting some last minute shopping done on christmas eve. it’s going to be insane but that’s okay… it’s that time of year. typically i lose my shit in crowded chaotic situations (i.e. get overwhelmed/anxious and then go home). but i’m really going to try to bring some of that festive spirit and holiday cheer (or tolerance) instead of a meltdown. after all, i really should have finished shopping much sooner. haha! my mission is to make the last of the shopping as quick and easy as possible. if you’re also a procrastinator, good luck out there. merry christmas eve!


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american apparel sweatshirt in pewter // j.crew tee // anthropologie jeans // madewell zipcode boots (also here and here) // vintage coach willis bag // forever 21 beanie and jacket

i’m so tired! only three more days (including today) and then i have two weeks off! thank goodness. but i have at least 75 more essays to grade before i get my much needed vacation. anyhoo, last night i took a break from working and headed over to meet some friends at the cinch saloon on polk street. we needed to meet up to hash out the details for our little holiday party this saturday night. it was cold and i was exhausted, so jeans and a sweatshirt were all i was feeling up to wearing. the layers kept me warm though. now back to essay grading i go… wish me luck!


IMG_2357IMG_2327img_2330forever 21 cardigan // american apparel athletic tee // j.crew heather tights // franco sarto riding boots // forever 21 skirt // h&m scarf // vintage coach willis bag // ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

it’s not officially winter yet, but it sure does feel like it! it’s been so cold and rainy this weekend and apparently a storm is on the horizon. but honestly, i don’t mind. when it’s cold like this it’s the perfect excuse for simply bundling up and watching movies at home, which is what i spent most of this weekend doing aside from working. as a matter of fact, i’m taking a quick break from finishing my ap lit final to write this post. so it’s going to be a quick one, haha!

i’m so excited that winter break is just a few days away. brian and i plan to complete a diy project on an old desk we have. we really need an organized and functional office space, so fixing the drawers and painting the desk will be the first step in that direction. i’m also looking forward to sleeping in, baking, reading, organizing, and just relaxing for two whole weeks. but there’s still a ton to do before friday so i’d better get to it. have a wonderful week!


p.s. i’ve realized that much of the time i just discuss what’s going on in my life and neglect to talk about my outfit. so here are some outfit notes:

1. i really like the wintery feel this outfit evokes (especially the chistmas-y evergreen skirt paired with heather grey).

2. oh yeah, about the skirt… it was free! i got it last summer as a buy one get one free sale item at forever 21.

3. these heather tights and athletic tee are major winter staples for me. the tights are super warm and the tee is a season spanning/layering favorite.

tata for now, y’all!

must haves.

must haves...

1. black and white striped tops. seriously, in my mind i can never have enough of them.
2. pearl studs: i’ve been wearing pearls almost everyday for the last ten years. can’t live without pearls!
3. essential bobby pins.
4. booties: madewell zip code (they go with everything).
5. bag: mahogany vintage coach willis. always classic.
6. lips: perfectly red- red lipstick!
7. note pads: i’m a serious list maker.
8. dark skinny jeans: saving for some j brand denim.
9. to make me smile: plants and flowers for brightening up the apartment.
10. my signature scent: coco mademoiselle.
11. favorite eye cream: clinique all about eyes.
12. coffee: my eternal love (that i’ve had to majorly cut back on lately).