downtown girls.

ski lodge

madewell sweater  // madewell zipcode boot // j. crew chevron scarf // vintage coach city bag // forever 21 denim and hat // ray ban aviators

this outfit makes me feel like i should be sitting in a ski lodge somewhere sipping on hot coco. but since i’m not headed to a ski lodge any time soon i wore this downtown. i really like the combination of stripes and chevron. about the chevron scarf… i bought it over ten years ago on super sale at j.crew. it’s practically vintage, or will be soon enough! my vacation has been so relaxing. i’ve been hanging out in the apartment (possibly verging on hermit status) watching music documentaries on joy division, the smiths, and the “importance of being morrissey” (brian asked me if that was really the name of the documentary. haha! freakin’ morrissey). so yeah i’m a real snore these days unless it comes to eating and watching documentaries on brit bands. then i’m glad to make some food and obsess over cute brit boys (i.e. ian curtis).  i’ve actually been cooking quite a bit and its been nice to have a couple of friends over to eat some home cooked meals.

skyski 3DSCN3938

however, i did get out of the apartment today to do some shopping downtown with anne. the parking lot was so packed that we had to park on the top floor of the parking structure, but it was pretty awesome because we got to snap some cool photos. anne took the outfit photos of yours truly and i took the rest (her outfit is so cute!). i love taking out my little point and shoot out and about! it’s so convenient and i can capture moments in the sky like these. happy new year! DSCN3927

j.crew sweater // american apparel dress // hue tights // lucky brand booties // vintage bag // michael kors watch



13 thoughts on “downtown girls.

    • it’s funny that you mention it… we didn’t this time but we have joked that we should. thanks for stopping by! i love following your thrifting adventures and your styling of those finds! your blog is awesome and i look forward to seeing what you come up with next. have a happy new year!

  1. I love your scarf! Its so good when you make a purchase years ago and are still able to hang on to that item and look current. I have an amazing purple scarf that I bought in New York about 5 years ago (so only half as cool as yours because its half as old!) But I love it, and still wear it today 🙂
    Good on you for staying in! I am on a 4 day holiday, barely a holiday I know! But I have stayed inside the entire time, sewing like a crazy person and watching the discovery channel 🙂 Great minds!!
    Xx Linda Chai

    • it’s so nice to have a stay-cation and get things done or simply relax. it’s so awesome that you sew… i have a machine but never really learned how to sew well/properly and haven’t used it in years. maybe it’s time to learn! i used to alter clothes and make curtains but that’s about it. do you make any of your own garments?
      glad you are having a wonderful holiday. HAPPY NEW YEAR, linda! xo.

    • thanks for following! her sweater is pretty awesome and it’s on sale at jcrew w an additional 30% off… if you simply can’t live without it! haha. happy new year!

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