nap time.

stripes5stripes4stripes1 stripes2stripes3vintage sweater // forever 21 tee // american apparel circle skirt // converse all star high top // j.crew tights // vintage coach bag // f21 hat // ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

well today was my first day back after a two week vacation and i’m exhausted! for some reason or another, i can never sleep the night before we return from break. i’m so anxious about the next day and i just toss and turn all night. well, until about 3 or 4am at which point i fall asleep and have to wake right back up within a couple of hours. the whole thing is beyond frustrating! it’s funny how one can toss and turn most of the night away- i mean can’t sleep a wink until it’s just about time for the alarm to go off and then somehow deep sleep kicks in. somehow my brain shuts down in the wee hours of morning. seriously, i could have slept the entire morning away but nope had to get moving and guzzle copious amounts of coffee in order to do so. it’s completely ridiculous too because what the hell am i so worried about anyway? i’ve been teaching for six years now in my own classroom and have worked in public schools for much longer. i know what to expect. i guess i’m just expecting the unexpected. does that ever happen to you? ultimately, nothing out of the ordinary happened and it was a really good day. will the same thing happen the night before spring break ends? more than likely. ugh, lame. i guess that’s what naps are for. so it’s nap time!

p.s. my apologies in advance for any errors in this post. i’m sleep deprived! night-night.


8 thoughts on “nap time.

  1. absolutely adore that sweater! and i smiled the entire way through your post because i do the EXACT same thing! i guess it’s the anxiousness of getting back into the swing of things? to answer your earlier question..i’ve taught special education k-3 for about 7 years. so while you’re teaching existentialism i am teaching shapes, colors, and sight words! haha your job is most definitely more intimidating!! 🙂 i came home and crashed as well! hope you’re able to catch up on sleep soon!

    • it’s just so tough falling asleep the night before returning from break! you’re right- it’s probably just anxiousness about getting back into the groove. but i have to get that under control, haha (probably won’t happen!). it’s awesome that you teach elementary! i was a reading tutor for grades k-3 when i was in college. i couldn’t teach the little ones now but most elementary school teachers say the same thing about high schoolers. 🙂

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