black & tan.

forever 21 blouse and blazer | gap 1969 always skinny jeans | madewell zipcode boot | vintage gucci bag | michael kors watch | j.crew classic link bracelet | ray ban wayfarer sunglasses

there’s nothing like a blazer to make me (and my day) feel more put together. it’s been one of those days. hell, it’s been one of those weeks! and this outfit has me wishing i was sipping on a black & tan instead of merely wearing it. sheeesh, this girl needs a break. i’m so ready for the three day weekend and i’m hoping it’s filled with biking, cooking, listening to records, taking photographs, and above all, sleeping in. a museum day and/or visit to the botanical gardens will definitely be thrown into the mix as well. ah, we’re almost there. enjoy!


6 thoughts on “black & tan.

  1. you are killing it in this outfit! and those red lips….i HAD to pin this! 🙂 and i feel you on the long week status…i even took a day off and this felt like the longest week EVER!

    • cayce, i almost took a day off too because there were moments when i seriously thought i was going to lose my shit! i’m so glad you took the day. i hope you did something nice for yourself… teachers need to do that from time to time. 🙂 thanks for the pin! i’m so glad we found each other’s blogs. your blog is so inspiring (love the aesthetic and your style)! ❤

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