looking forward.

j.crew factory denim jacket | american apparel t-shirt dress | j.crew tights | madewell zip code booties | gap bag | h & m scarf | ray ban wayfarers

it’s been a little bit since my last post. i’ve been as busy as can be: grading, running, spring cleaning like no other, and street selling (not too much luck on this go round). things have been going quite well lately (finally got the desk all finished) and i’m looking forward to so many cool adventures coming up. our friend adrianna is visiting soon (can’t wait to show her sf), we’re heading to nyc in about three weeks, and i just recruited a bunch of friends to run bay to breakers again this year.  woo-hoo! lots of fun events to come. ah, spring is almost here.

as for the rest of the weekend, i’m planning on making a slow cook soup tomorrow and taking a longer run. i need to start upping my milage in preparation for bay to breakers and another half marathon in june. a full marathon is not happening. i was trrrippin’! as long as i beat my race times from last year i’ll be happy. so basically i’m in competition with myself!


12 thoughts on “looking forward.

  1. sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! that’s always exciting! 🙂 this ensemble is very cool! and i am very impressed with your discipline in running! i was a runner in high school (track and field sprinter definitely not a distance runner!) kudos to you, lady! pretty sure i would die after the first mile….

    • that’s awesome! i just have to stay on track… it’s easy to fall off for a few days now and then when i’m super busy. but that can’t happen now! haha.

    • it’s something, girl! haha. i really need to get my endurance back up before june. thanks so much for the well wishes. and i hope all is well with you in australia!

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