what’s in a name?

well in the case of my blog name two best friends running around the streets of san francisco singing past the mission by tori amos. a few years back chime and i came to san francisco for a long weekend. i remember the weather was perfect- no jackets needed, even at night. that’s big here! anyway, we stayed with her cousin in the mission district and spent the weekend walking around the city, shopping downtown, enjoying some cocktails (as evidenced above), dancing a ton, and brunching at boogaloo’s. with all that time spent in the mission, one thing led to another and we were singing the song. it was just fitting. seriously, we had THE best time on that trip. we still talk about it to this day. it was the first time i had ever stayed in the mission and i fell in love with the neighborhood. it was also that trip that made me think brian and i should check out places in the neighborhood. now here we are almost four years later.

so when i started thinking of blog names a little over a year ago, i thought of the fond memories from that trip and laughed. i thought, hmmm… “past the mission, i like it”. the name speaks to where i am in my life right now and it’s based on good memories from the past. pretty song too. sing it… past the mission and i smell the roses. 


2 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. i’m so glad to know the meaning behind past the mission! love that it is tied to your love of music! 🙂 all of your mission talk is making me want to visit san fran even worse!!!

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