c/o me.

independent fashion bloggers recently published this article discussing bloggers who fake receiving clothes and accessories to seem like they’re running “highly influential” blogs (i.e. massive readership). i thought this was quite interesting and wondered what your thoughts are on the scintillating subject (haha). i mean, are bloggers always completely forthcoming? i think not. nor do we need to be. we share the details we feel comfortable sharing and leave out the details we don’t. and i think most personal style/lifestyle bloggers would be lying if they said they wouldn’t enjoy the perks of receiving freebies from their favorite designers and shops (seriously, who wouldn’t?). but to lie about it? hmmm. actually, i tend to prefer bloggers that have a balance of courtesy of items and personal purchases. obviously, i relate more to bloggers who purchase their own goods (even if only part of the time) because that’s what i do. that’s what most of us do. so it’s nice when more influential bloggers admit from time to time that they saved their hard earned cash and plunked it down for a piece they really loved versus every single item being c/o. it’s simply more relatable and for me, that’s what blogging is about.

j.crew factory denim jacket | urbn pleated chiffon maxi skirt | american apparel tee | forever 21 beanie | ray ban wayfarers | aldo boots | j.crew factory necklace | vintage coach willis bag

so is faking it okay? don’t many bloggers choose to omit things from time to time? well, i know i do. i mean seriously, who wants to make their blog a laundry list of complaints and who wants to read that? you get the picture. and perhaps it’s a blogger’s creative license to play a role, the role of a successful blogger. as they say, blogs should tell a story. so why shouldn’t a blogger try to make their audience think they are more “influential” than they really are? who’s to judge? all i know is, on my blog i’m proud to admit that what i have was paid for by me and if something was gifted from family or friends, secondhand, thrifted, or found on super sale, i state that as well. i’m also not afraid to share that i don’t have massive readership, but i do have a number of awesome and supportive readers, whom i value and appreciate (thank you for reading!). now, i highly doubt i will ever have the luxury of typing c/o next to items on this blog. so here’s my one opportunity, everything in this post was c/o me! haha.

no matter what level of “success” my blog garners, there is no point in faking it. i’m proud to say that the only items i paid full price for in this post were the ray bans and the f21 beanie (about 5 bucks). everything else was an additional 30, 40, or 50 percent off the sale price. my maxi skirt was 15.12 after tax (found in store) and i will wear the hell out of it! i’m an everyday girl on a teacher’s salary and i shop sales. bam! authenticity. so, what are your thoughts on the subject?

p.s. another deal finder, who always keeps it real, is brooklyn based blogger erika of teachers have lives too. she a great friend of mine with a great blog… check her out! you may also want to check out arizona based blogger amy of amy’s vintage closet and tennessee based blogger cayce of for the roses. these gals have distinctive style with tons of vintage incorporated into their looks!


26 thoughts on “c/o me.

  1. I absolutely love this post! You are reading my mind! For a minute there, I was thinking that it was just me. Am I the only who isn’t getting all of the great freebies and super cool opportunities to partner with brands??? But I had never considered that perhaps there was little fibbing going on there. Not that it would be rampant but I imagine some do in order to have their blogs seem bigger than they are. I think it is important to be as authentic as possible because to your points… that’s what your readers will want to see. I love this! And cute outfit btw!!! 🙂

    • thanks so much! i was really hoping that my tone did not come off as judge-y. i mean the saying “fake it till you make it” didn’t come out of nowhere. haha! i’m glad you enjoyed the post! and i appreciate how relatable and authentic your blog is as well. keep it coming!!! 🙂

  2. Great insight on the IFB article. I didn’t even know that people are doing this. I completely agree that keeping it real is more beneficial to you, your followers, and your blog. Thanks for the shout out Aimee girl!!! I love these boots. You’re SO The Mission in this outfit!!! 🙂


    • i didn’t really realize that people did this either. i guess to some end it makes sense? but i agree with you that honesty is best! and i had to throw some blog love in! btw, are you running bay to breakers or coming out for the party? 🙂

  3. Great look, as usual! My faves: the necklace, skirt and boots. Of course everything else is gorgeous, too, but they stand out so well!


    • thanks!!! the skirt will remix well with so many things in my closet which is a definite plus and the necklace was a super sale find. thanks for stopping by!! ❤

    • me too! we’re going to have so much fun. you know we will be shooting up a storm when i come to visit you! it’s funny… i haven’t even come to visit you yet and i’m already planning on going to see you again this summer (just need cheap tix). ❤ see you in THREE weeks!

  4. so much to say about this post!! first of all, thank you so much for the mention! it really means a lot me! and can we talk about how gorgeous you look?!! and i agree with you 100% on the courtesy items and bloggers being honest about it. i tend to be drawn to the more low-key and personalized blogs because i look for someone that i can relate to. i have a hard time relating to someone who is given 99% of their wardrobe. like you said, i work hard for my money and i am proud to show off what i have earned and purchased for myself! 🙂

  5. Ok, talk about the best post ever. I love your c/o me. I know exactly what you mean, though, and I completely agree with you. No one wants to read about a UTI or marital problems, but that’s smart editing. Making yourself seem more influential… Well, that’s lying.
    I love it when bloggers have giveaways that are not sponsored. So refreshing.
    I really loved this post, and I’m sure you will say c/o one day!

  6. hello! Your blog is really lovely! I love your stylish but understated style and mix of old and new. 🙂 Can you tell me what size your jcrew jean jacket is? I’m not sure what size to order and I like the way yours fits on you. Thanks!

  7. This is an amazing post! I really don’t know what to think about the whole thing. I do stay true to myself when blogging. I have however, got three pieces of clothing/shoes fo free once! But they where all from the same company and at the same time! Plus one item was faulty so I stated that I would not post that I wear this item when in reality, I actually wouldn’t!
    I think there are a lot of bloggers out there that think fashion is about wearing the most expensive pieces. My interpretation is being true to yourself, weather that means wearing neon when everyone else is, or wearing flared pants when everyone else chooses to wear skinny jeans! If you’re happy with your style, blog and content, then it shouldn’t matter if one or one thousand people are following your blog. In the end do we really care if others approve of our fashion sense or not? Would we stop dressing the way we do if no one decided to follow our blogs? No Sir! well not me anayway… :p

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