modern love.


photo taken at the de young.


over the bridge.

by simply crossing over the golden gate i can try to be one with nature. i love living in sf and having access to so many beautiful places.

this photo was taken while i was hiking around in marin.

my christmas present!

my christmas present from brian arrived today. i can’t wait to start taking photos with it! i really wanted the versatility of a point and shoot with the quality of a dslr. so this camera will be perfect! i like the vintage look and feel to it. there is a wide angle conversion lens available too.

perhaps my gift to myself should be the wide angle conversion lens… hehe.

camera: nikon coolpix p7000

a moment in the sky.

this photo is so beautiful to me. i love the sky and cherish the moment that was captured. it is a reminder of how beautiful nature is and how i need to take notice more often. this photograph was taken on the 101, somewhere between san mateo and sf. i was homeward bound.

the beauty in branches.

it was a cooler day in the city.

i love taking a walk on a chilly day in the city. as i walked about i was struck by all of the beautiful branches and leaves in my view. today was about reflecting on all the great things i have in my life that i often overlook… the beauty in nature, love, and of course, exploring style.

i spent this sunday afternoon with my husband and dear friends. we had brunch at straw in hayes valley and then took an afternoon walk through the mission. it was a lovely sunday.

casual clothes for a casual sunday.

i swear stripes are my closet’s best friend, or at least you would think they were considering the array of stripes to be found in there. i love stripes, especially black and white stripes (which i have the toughest time finding, believe it or not). booties are another weakness of mine, my dear friend anne gifted me with the booties from old navy. we both own a pair, which requires coordination- aka outfit check-ins before we go out so we don’t wear them at the same time. we get so many compliments on them. pick up a pair!

bag:jcrew top:f21 booties:old navy sunglasses:ray ban

cardigan:jcrew infinity scarf:gap  jeans:seven for all mankind

power line fasciniation.

For some reason or another, I have always found power lines to be visually appealing. Perhaps this is due to the symmetry, the connectivity, the backdrop of blue skies, and so on. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain- this will not be the last of my power lines.