dreaming of apartment bliss.

I have really been itching to redecorate my apartment and was pinning ideas like crazy before school started. Due to lack of funds and time, a total makeover will not be happening anytime soon. But I am going to slap on a fresh coat of paint, declutter, and add some greenery into the mix. First, I’m going to get some friends to come over for a “painting party” (aka a mild form of torture). I’m sure they are dying to attend. I will feed them, make them cocktails, and then my apartment will be freshly painted. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can totally transform a space.  

After I have reorganized and painted, I would like to steal this idea and use beakers to spread flowers and greenery throughout the apartment. I fell in love with this idea the moment I saw it and sent the photo to my best friend immediately because it reminded me of her. This will be a clean, simple, and a fairly inexpensive addition.

The one item I would like to save up for and can hopefully thrift and refinish is a new coffee table. The style of the coffee table above is what I will be looking for. Initially, I wanted a vintage  slated coffee table like this one. Unfortunately, most of the ones I found in my price range measure too long  and will not work in my space. If I can find a one less lengthy at a less taxing price, I will go for it. If not, I think a round coffee table will be the perfect solution.

Okay, so these plant stands are expensive but I had to share them because they are so awesome. I may not be able to get the stands, unless I can thrift something similar. but some pots and plants are doable. The tricky part will be keeping the plants alive! Let’s just say I was not blessed with a green thumb. Any tips?

When I first moved to San Francisco I dreamt of finding the quintessential SF apartment complete with hardwood floors, bay windows, and a ton of charm. Well, I got the hardwood floors but that bay windows and charm were out. Yet I cannot complain because the clean lines have grown on me, I scored the hardwood floors, and it’s rent controlled (ah, the dream). So needless to say in my apartment I stay. I love the inspiration room above: the huge tree-like plant, natural elements, textures, and that rug! I am going to keep the simplicity of the two rooms posted in mind as I slowly acquire new items for the apartment. However, I can’t help but wish I could start over and redecorate the whole space. One can dream…


you’ve got to be kitten me.

these have got to be some of the cutest freakin’ things i’ve EVER seen! cute cats in fashionable clothes, does it get any better? here’s a little fun fact about me: i’m a complete kitty fanatic. i love their walk, talk (meoooow), attitude, and confident nature. simply put: i pretty much love everything about cats. i mean, i was the crazy cat lady who back in the day believed my favorite cat of all time, alley, really understood me. actually, i’m still quite sure he did (hehe). he was so intelligent! alley was part cat and part grumpy old man/mama’s boy. oh, how i miss that cat! i used to think about what voice he would have if he could talk, which i was certain would be a distinguished british accent. i also think that if he got dressed up he would have chosen a sweater vest and blazer like the kitty in the top left hand corner. {insert: this girl is totally nuts} don’t all pet owners think about these things?! maybe not.

one or two of these heather mattoon prints will definitely be added to my christmas list this year. i can’t wait to hang them in the apartment!! wow, i can’t believe i’m already talking about christmas. i’m not going to lie, i’m pretty excited about the holidays and definitely in the festive spirit this year. there are so many things to look forward to, including going home next week for thanksgiving. it’s going to be so much fun. we’re taking a road trip down to riverside to spend the holiday with family and friends. this year my mama is cooking for our immediate family and my friends. and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a mom’s cooking. am i right? i can already imagine the delicious smell that will greet me when i open my mom’s front door. mmm! i can’t wait to eat my mother-in-law’s thanksgiving treats either. two moms equals double the food fun!

anyway when we get back, i will be totally set to go out and get a christmas tree. we will have a another tree trimming party just like we did last year and it’s gonna be totally awesome! food, drinks, friends, christmas music for as long as brian will tolerate it, and games! i better keep running to burn all the holiday calories i’m going to take in! oh, calories shmalories.

falling for fall sweaters.

falling for fall.

dear sweaters,

i love the four of you equally. to my geometric lovely, i’m not sure my closet will be complete without you! dearest peter pan collar, i need you, i want you, i looove you! polka dots, i can’t get enough of you! and to my eternal love, stripes- i will always adore you forever and ever! why can’t i have every single one of you? why do you have to break the bank? we’re going to have to do something about this! pronto.

with love,

aimee lynn

(1. jcrew 2. madewell 3. aubin & willis 4. jcrew)

heart of gold.

a little over a week ago we had to say goodbye to our baby girl, mallory. our apartment feels so empty and we are having a difficult time accepting that she’s gone. but all we can do is remember what a beautiful, funny, and loving doggie she was. she had such a big heart and shared it with us everyday. brian and i are so fortunate that we got to spend over ten years with her. we will always love and miss our baby girl .

p.s. when we moved to san francisco we had to write a pet resume for mallory (most people chuckle when i tell them that). anyway, the top photo was her pet resume photo. she’s sooooo cute with that big ol’ smile. she was owning it for sure!