c/o me.

independent fashion bloggers recently published this article discussing bloggers who fake receiving clothes and accessories to seem like they’re running “highly influential” blogs (i.e. massive readership). i thought this was quite interesting and wondered what your thoughts are on the scintillating subject (haha). i mean, are bloggers always completely forthcoming? i think not. nor do we need to be. we share the details we feel comfortable sharing and leave out the details we don’t. and i think most personal style/lifestyle bloggers would be lying if they said they wouldn’t enjoy the perks of receiving freebies from their favorite designers and shops (seriously, who wouldn’t?). but to lie about it? hmmm. actually, i tend to prefer bloggers that have a balance of courtesy of items and personal purchases. obviously, i relate more to bloggers who purchase their own goods (even if only part of the time) because that’s what i do. that’s what most of us do. so it’s nice when more influential bloggers admit from time to time that they saved their hard earned cash and plunked it down for a piece they really loved versus every single item being c/o. it’s simply more relatable and for me, that’s what blogging is about.

j.crew factory denim jacket | urbn pleated chiffon maxi skirt | american apparel tee | forever 21 beanie | ray ban wayfarers | aldo boots | j.crew factory necklace | vintage coach willis bag

so is faking it okay? don’t many bloggers choose to omit things from time to time? well, i know i do. i mean seriously, who wants to make their blog a laundry list of complaints and who wants to read that? you get the picture. and perhaps it’s a blogger’s creative license to play a role, the role of a successful blogger. as they say, blogs should tell a story. so why shouldn’t a blogger try to make their audience think they are more “influential” than they really are? who’s to judge? all i know is, on my blog i’m proud to admit that what i have was paid for by me and if something was gifted from family or friends, secondhand, thrifted, or found on super sale, i state that as well. i’m also not afraid to share that i don’t have massive readership, but i do have a number of awesome and supportive readers, whom i value and appreciate (thank you for reading!). now, i highly doubt i will ever have the luxury of typing c/o next to items on this blog. so here’s my one opportunity, everything in this post was c/o me! haha.

no matter what level of “success” my blog garners, there is no point in faking it. i’m proud to say that the only items i paid full price for in this post were the ray bans and the f21 beanie (about 5 bucks). everything else was an additional 30, 40, or 50 percent off the sale price. my maxi skirt was 15.12 after tax (found in store) and i will wear the hell out of it! i’m an everyday girl on a teacher’s salary and i shop sales. bam! authenticity. so, what are your thoughts on the subject?

p.s. another deal finder, who always keeps it real, is brooklyn based blogger erika of teachers have lives too. she a great friend of mine with a great blog… check her out! you may also want to check out arizona based blogger amy of amy’s vintage closet and tennessee based blogger cayce of for the roses. these gals have distinctive style with tons of vintage incorporated into their looks!


looking forward.

j.crew factory denim jacket | american apparel t-shirt dress | j.crew tights | madewell zip code booties | gap bag | h & m scarf | ray ban wayfarers

it’s been a little bit since my last post. i’ve been as busy as can be: grading, running, spring cleaning like no other, and street selling (not too much luck on this go round). things have been going quite well lately (finally got the desk all finished) and i’m looking forward to so many cool adventures coming up. our friend adrianna is visiting soon (can’t wait to show her sf), we’re heading to nyc in about three weeks, and i just recruited a bunch of friends to run bay to breakers again this year.  woo-hoo! lots of fun events to come. ah, spring is almost here.

as for the rest of the weekend, i’m planning on making a slow cook soup tomorrow and taking a longer run. i need to start upping my milage in preparation for bay to breakers and another half marathon in june. a full marathon is not happening. i was trrrippin’! as long as i beat my race times from last year i’ll be happy. so basically i’m in competition with myself!

nap time.

stripes5stripes4stripes1 stripes2stripes3vintage sweater // forever 21 tee // american apparel circle skirt // converse all star high top // j.crew tights // vintage coach bag // f21 hat // ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

well today was my first day back after a two week vacation and i’m exhausted! for some reason or another, i can never sleep the night before we return from break. i’m so anxious about the next day and i just toss and turn all night. well, until about 3 or 4am at which point i fall asleep and have to wake right back up within a couple of hours. the whole thing is beyond frustrating! it’s funny how one can toss and turn most of the night away- i mean can’t sleep a wink until it’s just about time for the alarm to go off and then somehow deep sleep kicks in. somehow my brain shuts down in the wee hours of morning. seriously, i could have slept the entire morning away but nope had to get moving and guzzle copious amounts of coffee in order to do so. it’s completely ridiculous too because what the hell am i so worried about anyway? i’ve been teaching for six years now in my own classroom and have worked in public schools for much longer. i know what to expect. i guess i’m just expecting the unexpected. does that ever happen to you? ultimately, nothing out of the ordinary happened and it was a really good day. will the same thing happen the night before spring break ends? more than likely. ugh, lame. i guess that’s what naps are for. so it’s nap time!

p.s. my apologies in advance for any errors in this post. i’m sleep deprived! night-night.


cropped tee: american apparel shorts: forever 21 bag: marc jacobs wedges: madewell sunglasses: ray ban belt: american apparel

it was so nice to see my bestie last week! since we live so far away from each other we don’t get to hangout as often which is a bummer. so we made sure to get in some quality time over the holiday along with our friends anne, lerrianne, belia, and amy (instagram magic to follow) in downtown riverside. we grabbed lunch at simple simon’s, took a little train ride, and checked out a museum. we all had so much fun!

brisk change.

 sweater: vintage street sale find circle skirt: american apparel top: h & m wedges: madewell bag: vintage coach city  sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer tights: jcrew ring: street sale find

sweater weather officially arrived mid last week which gave the city a true feeling of fall. before last week, we were experiencing this crazy hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold weather, which is the worst! the consistently crisp weather has definitely been a welcomed change. i love the fall days when the air has a bit of a brisk chill, the sun is out, and the sky is clear. and that’s exactly what we had all weekend! but i have to say one of the best parts about this weather is pulling out my sweaters and tights. i’ve had this cozy sweater tucked away in my closet, just waiting for the perfect time to make it’s grand appearance, since i purchased it at a street sale last summer. i think i paid 3 bucks for this awesome/had my name written all over it cardigan. yet, another reminder that i need to keep thriftin’ and shoppin’ street sales.

p.s. another positive change is my revived motivation! i met my goal of running 15 miles last week AND i’ve already started this week off strong. ch-ch-changes!

my closet in a nutshell.

circle skirt: american apparel shirt: jcrew factory sweater: jcrew oxfords: f21 bag: vintage coach

in my world, one can never have enough stripes, circle skirts, grey anything, and oxfords. my closet and i love, love, love ’em! i wore this outfit friday night when some friends and i were walking around the mission checking out the day of the dead festival. a photo diary capturing the madness from that night is to follow. it was lots of fun!

today brian and i are riding our bicycles to the ferry building to grab some lunch and produce for dinner. i’ve been trying to get him to do this with me for months. it’s been a long time in the making so i’m really excited about our lil’ date!

photos by rachel.

season of the witch.

cape: american apparel tights: forever 21 shoes: salvatore ferragamo vara hat: party city bangles: thrifted ring: street sale

this halloween when planning my costume it honestly came down to one thing: an excuse to buy this black cape from american apparel! although i love halloween, costumes can be tough because i don’t like spending money on things i will never wear again. that’s when it dawned on me that i should start planning costumes around articles of clothing i want to buy for myself anyway. or simply not buy anything and work with what i already have, but that wouldn’t have given me my excuse now would it? hehe! i’m so glad that this cape was perfect for my costume, but i’m even happier that it will be perfect for the fall and winter weather. so in reality i’m really only out about nine bucks for the costume parts of my witchy-poo costume, five bucks for the hat and four bucks for the broom. i’m so excited to wear the cape all the time! i’m even thinking of another costume that would require getting one in a different color. someone just needs to plan a costume party! luckily, my friend says he might have one in the works! i have to say i thought that being a witch for halloween was a pretty darn clever reason to buy something i really wanted anyway, don’t you? what halloween shopping tricks do you have up your sleeve?

anyhoo, as i look at my favorite blogs i can’t help but feel like the season is already passing me by! i never even made it out to a pumpkin patch, damn it! but i did start researching known spooky spots throughout the city. i figured what better thing to do than to dress up like a witch and visit a “haunted” spot. i was going on and on to brian about how cool it would be to visit all of these various haunted treasures throughout the city, and i think i have him sold. but before i did, i made the comment that we should take my witch photos near stow lake (a supposed haunted area in golden gate park) on a foggy day because it would add effect to the photos. i really wanted to look like a witch doing her handy work in a forest somewhere (yes, i’m totally serious. and yes, i’m a complete dork!!! ha!). to which he responded, “or we can just buy some dry ice and go outside of the apartment”. dudes. in the end, brian took me to a wooded area in potrero hill and i don’t know of any hauntings there but i still loved the location!

another plus, i actually think i have him intrigued by the idea of visiting the haunted sutro baths at night and stopping in for a drink at a haunted hotel. i really enjoy the superstition and ghost stories. therefore, my next mission is to tour spots in the city that are known for paranormal activity.  whether it’s a big load of crap or not, it will still be a fun adventure that i will be sure to share with you!

 happy halloween… BOOO-HA-HA-HAAA!

all photos by brian.