local kitchen & wine merchant.

i’m big on birthdays. last year i kinda went over the top celebrating my birth with two dinners and a brunch. so when my dear friend anne’s birthday rolled around and she said she wasn’t doing anything, i wasn’t having it.  i planned a little birthday dinner for her at local kitchen & wine merchant in soma. it was the perfect gathering of friends, the food was delish, and most importantly, the birthday girl had a lovely time. oh, and i tried the local hound (a ketel one and grapefruit concoction). best cocktail ever, y’all!


go giants!

last night my friend amy and i went to our first giants game. we were super laggers and only made it for the last two innings. but we did make it in time to grab some beers. priorities! we had fun even though the giants lost the game. afterwards we ended the night with escape from new york pizza and another beer in the neighborhood. ah, the guilt. we had such a great time so it was worth it. but i have to admit a major run is on my agenda tonight!

denim + denim 

sippy sippin’ on stella. 


escape from new york pizza. yes!




forever 21 jacket // seven for all mankind denim // steve madden rain boots // jcrew sweater // vintage top // ray ban sunglasses

hey! hey! hey! well i officially completed my cleanse on sunday morning and i honestly couldn’t feel better. the first day was the toughest and after that it got much easier. the biggest lesson i’ve learned is that i need to be more cognizant of what i put into my body. now that i’ve completed the cleanse i just want to eat healthier and keep juicing. watch out i might turn into a juicing nerd. i’m super into it!

anyway, brian and i went to the store early sunday morning to grab more produce and we snapped these iphone photos just for fun. it was raining like crazy all weekend so we weren’t out and about too much. i love the rain! it’s so nice bundling up, listening to records, and having an excuse to just hangout at home.


brian + tofu = heartphoto-9photo-8

the geek and the pineapple.

ferry sunday.

sunday was a day of indulgence from the moment brian and i got off of our bicycles and arrived at the ferry building. first, we went to market bar where brian enjoyed an anchor steam and i tried the bloody mary. it was as good as it looks! i love me a spicy bloody mary every now and again!  from there we headed to delica to grab some japanese food and the salads were so delicious. but the day could not have been complete if i hadn’t stopped in a miette for some macarons. so that i did and they were mmm! good.

even though brian and i have lived in san francisco for a little while now, just a bit over three years, i still feel like a tourist. this post looks very touristy but that’s okay. i guess i’m a tourist in my own city, but it’s hard not to be when san francisco is such a beautiful place to be.

sunflower (and oolong tea) power.

i’ve been sick all the freakin’ time lately. it has been like an eternal curse of allergies and colds and whatever the hell else my weak immune system won’t fight off. as a matter fact, i have a post on my dashboard that i never published entitled “bedridden” from a couple of weeks back when i was really sick. i’m glad i spared you all on that major downer of a woe is me post. but anyway, my point is: whenever i’m sick i have to have this soup (this one or some spicy tom yum). sick or not it’s AMAZING! but when i’m sick it recovers my soul. the other night when we went to dinner i was feeling the pains of annoying allergies: itchy/sore/aggravated throat mixed with a mild headache (my state of being lately) but the soup really helped. let’s just say i downed the soup and oolong tea like it was noooobody’s business and felt much better!

hot/sour soup + oolong tea= my allergy nightmare survival kit

i really can’t believe that when i wrote this post about my favorite restaurants in the mission i neglected to mention sunflower. seriously, shame on me for that oversight! their food is so good and their lunch specials are super reasonable. whenever we go we always order the hot and sour soup (obvi), lemongrass tofu, and vermicelli. we have always gone to the mission location but this time we went to the one in potrero hill. it was really cool because we got to enjoy the beautiful views and watch the fog roll in from the hill. minus my headache, it was a good night with my awesome man. this weekend i think it’s due time that brian and i ride our bikes to the ferry building and maybe even check out the sutro baths. also, some major closet organization will be in order. once again, it looks like a bomb got set off in my room/closet. a ferocious and relentless clothing bomb.

sunday stew.

the ingredients! 

i LOVE these owl measuring cups my bestie anne got for me. thanks, anne! 

this weekend sf decided to have a sunny disposition. even though i was hoping for rain it’s always nice to have warm and sunny days in the city. despite the warm weather i still wanted to make some veggie stew and that i did! our friends amy and rachel came over to join us. so we all enjoyed dinner together while listening to black heart procession and fleetwood mac records. it was really nice and relaxing. the stew was delicious which made me quite happy! i also whipped up some virgin watermelon mint mojitos and they were super refreshing.

here’s the recipe for the stew:

2 containers of imagine organic vegetarian broth

2 leek stalks

1 onion

lots of carrots (7-9 depending on the size)

lots of red and white skin potatoes (6-8)

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of chard

1 cup of green beans

2 cups of fresh corn

salt, pepper, and thyme to taste

the stew was hearty and healthy. success! 😀

the mission district’s best restaurants.

tuna tartare (the best tuna tartare i’ve ever had!)


yuca fries (these are too good!) 

roasted veggies and rotisserie chicken



i really need to put myself on an eating out ban because i go out to eat far too much. but it’s so difficult not to when there are so many great restaurants around every corner in my neighborhood! so i’ve been really thinking it through and trying to figure out what my absolute favorite restaurants are in the neighborhood and these are the yummy places i had to share with you all…

1. limon i love peruvian food and i especially love all of the healthy options at this restaurant. their ceviche is excellent and from what i hear the chicken is awesome too (i don’t eat chicken so i will just have to take my friend’s word on that one). really everything i’ve had at this place has been phenomenal. the only thing about limon is that more often than not there is an extremely long wait. i have found that going during the day for lunch is best as far as avoiding a wait is concerned. seriously, this place is sooooo good. don’t the photos make you hungry?! there are two locations in the mission district: 1) limon restaurant @ 524 valencia st. sf 2) limon rotisserie @ 1001 s van ness ave. sf

2. weird fish– this place has been documented on the blog more than once (here and here). it’s a great place for both vegans and seafood lovers. everything is locally sourced and organic which is always a plus. they also have great lunch and happy hour specials! as a matter of fact, my husband, a few friends, and i will be treating ourselves to weird fish today for lunch! located @ 2391 mission st. sf

3. bar tartine (out of all the restaurants i’ve tried in the city, this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite- limon is a close second). this place has amazing food, wine, atmosphere, and service. i have an entire post about it here. brian and i went there for the first time a couple of weeks back and we are already planning a return with a bunch of friends! i can’t wait. reservations are highly recommended. located @ 561 valenica st. sf

4. tokyo go go (some photos here)- this sushi spot has a great happy hour from 5-7 monday thru friday which includes hand-rolls for $3.50, various appetizers ranging from 3-4 bucks, and well cocktails for $5. their sushi is really good- i recommend the fish taco sushi roll. it’s one of the best rolls i’ve ever had and i’ve never been to another sushi place that makes anything like it. also, the french pear martini is mmm! good (it’s made with grey goose- i’m sort of a vodka snob). it’s by far my favorite cocktail on the menu! located @ 3174 16th street. sf

so if you are traveling to san francisco and/or heading to the mission district you may want to check out one or all four of these gems. take it from this “professional” diner, you will not be disappointed!