lunching at weird fish.

last saturday anne, brian, and i went to a restaurant called weird fish. it’s a quaint little place in the mission with great food, service, and music. this restaurant is one of my favorites in the city because the menu is made up of half vegan food and half seafood. this is particularly perfect for brian and i, since brian is vegan, and i, on the other hand, am not. i love seafood and there aren’t many places that accommodate a vegan and a seafood lover in such a delicious and satisfying way. therefore, many of our date nights take place at weird fish. it was anne’s first time at weird fish and she loved it too!

they just recently started a lunch special that includes a sandwich, side, and a drink for 10 bucks… that’s a steal- especially since all of the food is organic and locally grown. the owner of the restaurant also owns a farm, which supplies the restaurant’s goods. so yummy!

jezebel blanc 

brian enjoying the wine… until he ordered his trumer. 


the buffalo gals and yoyo’s (fried pickles) both vegan

the vegan fish and chips… they also serve “real” fish and chips

the 10 dollar lunch special… yes, you can have fries with that 🙂

the ambiance


next time you are drifting around the mission, you should definitely check this place out!

have a great week!