dolores weather.

lucky brand  blazer: f21  tank: target  clutch: f21  sunnies: ray ban  bangles: thrifted  watch: dkny

the weekend is finally here and i’m so ready for it! the crazy winds have finally subsided and the weather is so warm and sunny. this lovely weather calls for a picnic in dolores park for sure! any fun plans this weekend? if you’re in sf, let’s go to the park!


classy gal.

tunic: from a boutique in denver  leggings: gap  booties: lucky brand  clutch/starburst earrings: jcrew  headband: banana republic

anne says hello everyone! these are some photos i took of her in sonoma square. gosh, i wish we could have gotten more outfit shots in. trust me, i certainly brought the outfits for it but the combination of the weather and my laziness prevented it. anyway, i love to feature anne because she has great personal style. she knows what works for her and she carries her outfits so well. also, she has gotten used to my bugging her about letting me take outfit shots- something she was not too fond of initially. she was like, “enough already!” but she’s been a good sport! now i’m trying to convince her to start a blog of her own. she is such a strong writer with many stories to tell and she has great personal style- all of which will lead to a fantastic blog. anne’s a classy gal with classic style, that’s for sure. i love her starburst earrings paired with that beautiful leopard clutch- not to mention the grey tunic adorned with pretty little buttons. she really should start her own blog, am i right?

p.s. i can’t wait to feature my stylish friends chime and david! if you two see this, i’m coming to get you!

sheer bliss.

f21  booties: lucky brand (on sale here)  denim jacket: old navy  watch: dkny (similar: slurge here, bargain here)  sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer

what a lovely friday afternoon! it was filled with eating a yummy vietnamese sandwich from saigon sandwiches (i LOVE me a good vietnamese sandwich), exchanging outfit shots after lunch in about five minutes flat, watching an intriguing documentary on street style photographer bill cunningham, and getting my nails done by erika, nail artist extraordinaire of teachers have lives too (check out her nail art here!). it was certainly a blissful afternoon. the sun was shining and i was able to spend some qt with my blogger in crime, erika. another awesome part of my day was feeling so comfortable and free in my outfit. it was like wearing pajamas to work, except more stylish and workplace appropriate. what do you think, more fashionable than pajamas? please say yes, please say yes (hehe). i hope you had an awesome friday too.

 enjoy your weekend!

20 days to freedom!

sweater: vintage (a gift from chime)  denim: levi’s  jacket: old navy  booties: lucky brand  belt/bracelet: jcrew (similar belt on sale here)  earrings: nordstrom  watch: micheal kors  sunglasses: anthropologie

not to toot my own horn, but i’m happy to say that i have made it over half way through my challenge without buying any clothing, not even a pair of socks! the challenge was 45 days without buying clothes, accessories, shoes, or make-up. i have to say i’m taking more from this experience than i originally anticipated. i’m saving some money, realizing that i don’t need to buy new clothes all of the time, and that yes, my shopping habit was getting out of control. i have read many bloggers discuss how their blog led to shopping with the thought, “this would be great for the blog” in mind. i found myself doing the exact same thing! i’ll admit i almost fell off the anti-shopping wagon this week- but i overcame the impulse and felt stronger as a result. upon finishing this challenge, my goal is to go on a serious budget and use this blog to share all of the bargains i find.

p.s. i haven’t had as many outfit posts lately because there was a bit of a camera snafu- it wasn’t the camera’s fault, but mine. oh how i love you, nikon p7000 and don’t you forget it! the issue has been resolved and i’m so happy to be back in outfit post action!

 i hope you had a wonderful week and that your weekend is even better!

wish me luck in the final stretch!

-aimee lynn.

inspired by the 90’s.

booties: lucky brand jeans/shirt: zara tank: mossimo/target sunnies: ray ban earrings/bracelet: gifted

okay, so anne’s not wearing doc martin’s and a baby doll dress. however, this outfit still reminds me of the nineties, which she and i are tremendously obsessed with: the music, the style, and when the real world was still cool. oh, how she and i have had many a conversation about what a huge mistake it was that we got rid of our docs! we both had them for many years and wore them daily. Sure, they were beyond beat, but gosh darn it we should still be rockin’ those bad boys! we started toying with the idea of buying some new ones. hmmm… still pondering.

although anne’s not wearing the quintessential nineties statement: doc martins, there’s still something about the red flannel, rolled stone-washed denim, and black-buckled ankle boots that just screams the nineties! speaking of those ankle boots, we absolutely, positively love them. jennie, of going west, one of our favorite bloggers, was wearing them in many posts and she looked amazing, as she always does. we took from inspiration and made it a reality by buying these awesome boots. if you love them as much as we do, get them on sale here, here or here!!!

needless to say, we still love and draw inspiration from the nineties. don’t you?

until next time, “i say hey, what’s going on?”

down south.



sunglasses: anthropologie shoes: american apparel

cityscape: downtown riverside.



cupcakes from my sister’s surprise birthday party!

sisterly love: it’s always a treat to see my sister. gosh, i miss her already!


shirt: f21 (purchased before my shopping hiatus) necklace: gifted from brian

boots: lucky brand

i LOVE these sunglasses!

true love.

brian and i are originally from riverside, california. we went down for a brief visit for my sister’s birthday. it was a lot of fun filled with food, family, and photos. the only downside was not being able to see all the people we love and miss. so that only means we will have to go back and visit soon. it was a really nice visit, but it is always nice to get home. we really missed our furry babies and the hustle of sf… it’s good to be home!

have a good week!

heart of hearts.

here’s anne again (previously posted in some red hot pants). she is such an amazing friend. i’m so lucky to have met her.

she’s such a stylish gal… i love how she layered her heart t-shirt over a striped dress. it has been much colder in sf lately, so it’s all about layering! and she’s doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well…

t-shirt/dress/leggings: h&m   boots: sam edelman   jacket: fossil   sunglasses: anthropologie